Picture of first sit-in August 13, 1960 and closed lunch counter. “It was never about a hot dog and a Coke®!” More »

Civil Rights Marker in downtown Jacksonville-Hemming Park/Plaza. More »

With Stetson Kennedy and Wayne Greenhaw. More »

Members of the 1960 Jacksonville Youth Council NAACP TODAY---with Marjorie Meeks Brown, Dr. Arnett E. Girardeau, Iona Godfrey King, Rometa Graham Porter, Isaac Carnes, Alton Yates. More »

With NAACP National Executive Secretary Roy Wilkins in 1960 when he spoke in Jacksonville at one of the NAACP Mass Meetings. More »

Receiving Bronze Medal as a Florida Book Awards Winner--with Wayne Wiegand. More »

With Dr. Michael Eric Dyson-Speaker at the 2009 Jacksonville Branch NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner. More »

Speaker-City of Jacksonville Dr. Martin Luther King Breakfast More »

With Dr. Charles Ogletree, the Harvard Law School Jesse Climenko Professor of Law, and Founding and Executive Director of the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice...and the Speaker at the 2008 Jacksonville Branch NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner. Dr. Ogletree taught both Michelle Obama and President Obama at Harvard Law School. More »

Ruby Hurley and Ella Baker, two of 12 Civil Rights Icons immortalized in the 2009 USPS Stamp Issue-Civil Rights Pioneers. More »

Mrs. Ruby Hurley, Southeastern Regional Director NAACP and our 1960 NAACP Youth Council Surrogate Mother. More »

With Civil Rights Icon and Congressman John Lewis More »

50th Anniversary Commemoration of the 1960 Sit-ins and Ax Handle Saturday with members of the 1960 Jacksonville Youth Council NAACP. From left...Issac Carnes, Marjorie Meeks Brown, Mary Chisholm Underwood, Iona Godfrey King, and Ann Albertie Hurst (yep my wife). In the rear of the Pulpit area at Bethel Baptist Institutional Church...from left...Ms. Adora Nweze, President of the Florida State Conference of Branches NAACP; Rev. Dr. Randolph Bracy; Isaiah Rumlin, President of the Jacksonville Branch; and Bethel Senior Co-Pastor, Bishop Rudolph McKissick Sr. More »

Jacksonville Branch NAACP 2012 Freedom Fund Dinner More »

With Dr. Jelani Cobb at the 98th ASALH Annual Convention in Jacksonville October 2-6, 2013. More »

Dr. Johnnetta Cole, Speaker at the 2013 ASALH National Convention Banquet in Jacksonville, Florida. More »

Dr. Robert Hayling, Me, and Charlie Cobb at the 2014 Florida Heritage Book Festival for our presentation on the Civil Rights/Freedom Summer Movement. More »


There is reason it is called RACISM!

BLACK FOLKS LIVE EVERYDAY IN INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM YET WE HAVE TO ARGUE TO WHITES FOLKS THAT INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM EXISTS. And when we talk about the fact that racism permeates our very existence, we are “called” angry or we are “just being overly sensitive,” or “too emotional,” or-wait for it—we are playing the race card…AGAIN.  Or even worse, we’re told that WE are Racist. How in the H-E-Double Sticks do Blacks, who are systematically oppressed in this country, have the financial and political wherewithal to oppress those in power?

There was no obligation and certainly no reason for European Americans to found a country and proclaim “Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” and mean it for everybody when America’s founders themselves already owned thousands of enslaved persons. It was called SLAVERY. Created by White American Christians for the benefit of White American Christians. The dictionary defines Slavery as… “the practice of, or a system based on, using the enforced labor of other people.” You will note the dictionary’s definition says nothing about chains and whips and dogs and cruel and unusual punishment and living conditions and death.

Whites never see nor do they understand that the formula for the construct of this country includes White Privilege, White Supremacy, and Racism. So we are clear, conversations about race and racism also intimidate both Whites and Blacks. They do not want to remind each other of the American Holocaust called Slavery, nor of the period in the South after Reconstruction during which this country initiated a violent and terroristic brand of American-style apartheid (called the Nadir of Race Relations) to keep recently freed Africans “in their place.” Whites are uncomfortable hearing how they treated Blacks historically for political and financial gain; Blacks are uncomfortable talking about how they were treated his­torically for political and financial gain. And when Blacks tell Whites, “Racism still exists. It is real.” Whites respond, “You’re wrong, I’m not racist at all. I don’t even see any racism.” Whites simply reject the existence of racism—their own creation—because it suits their argumentative position.

Note to American History teachers, White and Black: Do not expect your Black students to learn from your history class if you do not incorporate Black history. If I sit in a classroom and only read about the contributions made by White Americans and White Europeans, then the “learning field” is never level. It is downright dishonest that American history as portrayed in history textbooks essentially makes the statement that Blacks made NO salient con­tributions to this country. My Black ancestors helped to develop this country before, during, and after slavery. Another by-product of Racism. You have to teach the truth without regard to what the textbooks proclaim. You cannot teach truth without teaching about American Racism. You are not teaching if you do otherwise.

“One is astonished in the study of history at the recurrence of the idea that evil must be forgotten, distorted, skimmed over. We must not re­member that Daniel Webster got drunk, but only that he was a splen­did constitutional lawyer. We must forget that George Washington was a slave owner . . . and simply remember the things we regard as creditable and inspiring. The difficulty, of course, with this philosophy is that history loses its value as an incentive and example; it paints perfect man and noble nations, but it does not tell the truth.”
— William Edward Burghardt “W. E. B.” Du Bois Sociologist, civil rights activist, Pan-Africanist, historian, author, and editor

Racism affects our very existence. This is why we MUST continue to fight Racism and why WE must continue the Struggle from the Cradle to the Grave.
The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.


Another Murdering Racist Thug!

Image result for george zimmerman

WHITE AMERICA…This is another example of YOUR Core Racist Attitudes created by the American Institution of Racism resulting from Slavery in which the fundamental belief was promulgated that ALL Black Males…even unarmed Black teen-agers…are inherently violent and threatening. The Racism of America allows laws to be passed and used to justify the MURDER of an unarmed Black teen-ager by an armed White Racist Thug(s). It also allows a Racist Murdering Thug to SELL his Murder Weapon with NO Consequences. Ain't American Capitalism Grand—which by the way was SHAMEFULLY built and created on the backs of enslaved persons. And Where was White America during this and other murders of unarmed Black children? Sitting back feeling smuggly safe AND wrapped in a cloak of Racism while saying absolutely NOTHING! And you wonder why WE Say…AmeriKKKa The Racist.

The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

Uncle…Did You really think your love for the confederate flag would make a difference?

Yes. A Black Confederate Activist.



(This is H. K. Edgerton when he "visited"  Jacksonville in December 2013.)

This is both sad and sadder.

This same Uncle showed up at Forrest High School the day I appeared on a panel discussion to debate (in effect) in support of changing the name of Nathan Bedford Forrest High School as a part of the Duval County Schools procedure. This panel discussion featured two of us (Lance Stoll was the other) in favor of changing the name and two persons in favor of keeping the name. H. K. Edgerton (The Uncle pictured) and his large Confederate flag met us that morning. Of course he was in favor of keeping the name of Nathan Bedford Forrest. Forrest students voted that morning to change the name. (Personal Note–I am glad I was a part of the effort to change the name.)

Note in the article the comments about the War of Northern Agression and other Silly names given to the so-called Civil War. It was not the North against the South. The Southern states seceded…formed the Confederacy as an Enemy Government to OVERTHROW the United States of America …all because of SLAVERY. ALL OF THESE CONFEDERATE CRIMINALS should have been charged with Treason and tried as War Criminals …BUT… President Johnson, a South Sympathizer and a Slavery Supporter gave them a Blanket Amnesty. So now the Klan jumped on this Good Old Uncle for carrying his Confederate Flag HERE in Jacksonville, FL (yesterday). Don't you understand Uncle Boy…Your color matters?

The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

Celebrate YOUR Blackness!

President Obama: Celebrate Your Blackness


WHITE FOLKS LOVE TO COMMENT ON THINGS THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND; AND SINCE THEY ARE NOT BLACK, THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT THE PRESIDENT MEANT. Whites defensively react to any comment about blackness as if to say Blacks SHOULD NEVER acknowledge they are PROUD TO BE Black. The problem is because of the Racism in this country since Slavery…and because how Blacks have been treated in this country by Christian Whites…Whites are appalled when Blacks express their opinions about White America's Racism and White America's Core Racist Attitudes. When you understand that teaching enslaved person to read and write was against the law and was punishable by severe whippings and even death, having a mind and thinking for yourself is not something Whites want Blacks to do. Inherent in racism is to suppress and depress Black Independent Thought. It is as if you should never celebrate the Proud Legacy of Africa and the Black hue of your skin. White folks will not learn. They purposefully exclude Blacks from American History which I call An Incomplete and Dishonest History. So WE should include them. They will not teach that Blacks did anything of a consequence in American History. So WE should teach it. They will not admit to the great inventions, and discoveries and contributions by Blacks to American History and the development of this country. So WE should tell it. They will not admit that the so-called Civil War was about Slavery. They only reluctantly agree to passive and sanitized comments about Black History. School Systems are afraid to teach Black History while states like Texas and Tennessee have threatened publishing companies if they write anything "disparaging about the founding fathers." The same founding fathers inclusive of 13 of the first 18 president that owned slaves and 8 of those 13 presidents owning slaves while sitting as president. So we are learning to teach ourselves and our young Black children every day, and that is scary to them. White folks celebrate their whiteness every day…whether it is true or not. The President's message of "Celebrate Your Blackness" says Be Proud of who you are and the Great Legacy of Africans and American Blacks. White folks do not understand that. They might one day, but it does not appear that day will come any time soon. It sounds scary to them.They do not understand that Being Pro-Black is not Anti-White. Because they do not understand, THEY HAVE A PROBLEM. And negatively talking about things you do not understand will NOT help you solve your problem. Your Problem White America is Racism…and…RACISM IS TAUGHT.

The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

And You Still Are!

Just because Whites tell you that you are different, special, and have arrived do not make it so. Because you do not cross the St. Johns River to “visit the ghetto” does not mean you are different…because you think driving a BMW makes you special, does not make it so…because you live in a gated community does not mean you have arrived. You are intimidated from talking about racism even though you are Black and experience racism everyday because you are afraid your "bringing it up" will make your White Friends uncomfortable…might interfere with your social schedule…might mean your White friends will not invite you to play a round with them at the golf course … might mean "they" will not invite you to sit with them in their luxury box at a Jaguar game…might mean you cannot join the ladies for another spa therapy session. You keep your collective mouths closed for fear that talking about your great history and the history of your people would give you a militant/radical label and make you less acceptable. You deny your great legacy and do not talk about Black History because its honesty could also make your White friends uncomfortable. Malcolm X famously asked in a television interview, "What do you call an educated Negro with a B.A. or an M.A., with a B.S., or a PhD?" The answer? "You call him a Nigger because that is what Whites call you. Let me add it does not make a difference how much money you make … where you live …what you drive …or where you work, Nigger is still the response. Black Wannabees, for your Reality check, look in the mirror, and yes, THAT IS a Black face looking back at you in the mirror. Just a little information and truth to keep you from continuing to fool yourself.
Thanks for the invitation. If you do not invite me to speak to your “Boo-Zhee” get together again. I will understand. The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

You Still Lost!

8 states still celebrate the Confederacy and Slavery

Image result for image of confederacy day

This is the Celebration of Treasonous War Criminals who took up arms against the United States in order to defend the South's practice of enslaving Black people in chains, and forcing them to work to enrich White property owners. It was not the North against the South. It was an enemy government —The Confederacy—which sought to overthrow the United States of America. You can claim Southern Heritage; BUT also claim the Racism and the Core Racist Attitudes on which YOUR Southern Heritage stands.

Save your Confederate Money Boys…The South Will Rise Again. But in the meantime…YOU STILL LOST!!!!

The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

The White Press is trying to remake Prince in ITS Image.

Prince was Black.


White America and the White Press always play up a Black person's mixed ancestrage as if to make the point Blacks cannot achieve without White blood. President Barack Obama immediately comes to mind. Now they have latched on to Prince. There is the writer of a piece on the United Kingdom's Independent website who wrote about how she related to Prince because of his artistry, as well as the fact that he was mixed race, like she is. But the joke is on the White media and White America. Prince was Black…Prince's mother was BLACK…and Prince's Father was BLACK. In other words, Prince WAS a musical genius WITHOUT having White Blood. Imagine That!
BTW and this is especially for Bible Thumping White Christians…Since the Garden of Eden was in Africa and since both Adam and Eve were Black (the earthly material to form them was African dirt/soil and not beach sand) and by the same rules, Whites have achieved with a proportionate share of Black Blood.

The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

Can a tiger change his stripes? Neither can a Racist.

trump racist
I watch The National Media with Contempt as these Infotainment court jesters masquerading as news reporters continually slobber over themselves while sucking up to The Racist Donald Trump. The new “news” for them? The Racist Donald Trump’s campaign is going to remake his Racist image. Really? You do not remake a Racist’s Image. It is politically and intellectually disingenuous to even have that conversation. Yet the press is having that conversation as if there is some holy transformation of The Racist Donald Trump about to take place. To remake your image or even talk about remaking your image indicates there is a problem and your image NEEDS remaking. First of all, how does The Racist Donald Trump remake his racist image?  Let’s look at how other racists could have remade their image for some guidance. Maybe instead of the Klan having 5 rallies in a week, they can just have 4 rallies? Maybe, instead of the cowards wearing their robes EVERYDAY, they can miss one day and maybe wash the robe? Maybe instead of saying Segregation Today! Segregation Tomorrow! Segregation Forever! George Wallace could have eliminated one of the “Segregations?” Maybe White America can only say Nigger Monday through Friday and not on Saturday and Sunday?
So maybe instead of racially insulting most of the world and many religions, maybe The Racist Donald Trump can just insult HALF of the world and a few religions? Maybe The Racist Donald Trump can insult women on Mondays, Blacks on Tuesdays, Latinos on Wednesday, Muslims on Thursday and use Fridays for a “Who-so-ever-will insult day. Yeah…that can help him start to remake his racist image. Of course, he has to have an audience for his racist vile diatribe, and that is where White America and the White Press come in. You are a racist when there are no consequences to you being a racist. Those in White America who support The Racist Donald Trump gladly embrace his core racist attitudes because it empowers their racism. Birds of a feather…It takes one to know one…and all of the applicable clichés. When the White press decides to actually say and admit Donald Trump IS a racist, then they will realize how reporting on his changing his Racist Image is such a joke…AS THEY ARE.
The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

Harriet Tubman…Fighter and Hero!

THIS IS FOR THOSE BLACKS WHO FEEL IT IS NOT MONUMENTAL FOR HARRIET TUBMAN’S FACE TO GO ON THE FRONT OF THE $20 BILL…and somehow it is not eventful because Andrew Jackson's likeness still remains on the back of the bill. I am amused at those of us who want the whole loaf or none at all. How soon we forget!
The Civil Rights Movement and the Struggle has always been fought ONE BATTLE AT A TIME.
*** When Edgar Daniel Nixon, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and A. Philip Randolph “went after” the segregated Montgomery Bus Ordinance, they knew they had to challenge the ordinance in court and they had to have someone arrested first to get the case in the court system. The boycott was effective but the Montgomery Bus Challenge was not won UNTIL the U. S. Supreme Court declared the segregated ordinance of Montgomery Unconstitutional. One battle at a time.
*** When A. Philip Randolph first “went after” President Franklin D. Roosevelt challenging the president to integrate the Federal workplace even though he knew we also need to “integrate” this country. Then he “went after” Harry Truman to integrate the military and then John F. Kennedy to integrate “Public Accommodations et al” and provide jobs. One battle at a time.
*** When the Civil Rights Bill was passed in 1964 even though we needed the Voting Rights Act TOO, civil rights came first. The next year came the Voting Rights Act of 1965. One battle at a time.
All of this is to show that the Struggle anticipates winning one battle at a time. Not complicated. To even get a Black face on currency is monumental. It is not conspiratorial. It does not make a difference where Andrew Jackson goes…In a few years, his face will no longer “grace” the front of a Twenty dollar bill. We never had a Black face on currency before, and we did not open our mouths to complain. Now that it has happened, we are all experts on what should or should not happen while standing on the sidelines as critics. I quite often have young Blacks tell me, if I had sat at those lunch counters, and if ANY White person said anything to me, I would have slapped them in their mouth. Really? Because you were so big and bad and you had such armed numbers in your favor? The Black Community was not monolithic. We DID NOT have thousands demonstrating and sitting in. The numbers would increase some later, but in the beginning we had the few that we had, and we fought with what we had. One Step at a Time.
We learn not to celebrate but to commemorate. We commemorate the image of Harriet Tubman’s on a Twenty dollar bill because she has and we have earned the right to see someone who looks like us on a denomination of currency. There is nothing special about the Twenty dollar bill any more so than any other currency. All American currencies as part of the American economy prospered because of slavery.
Slavery made capitalism in this country.
Slavery built Wall Street.
Slavery built banks.
Slavery built Insurance companies.
Slavery built Transportation Giants.
Enslaved persons built buildings on Ivy League campuses AND on college campuses throughout the South.
The Civil Rights Movement was fought –and continues to be fought– by those who never knew what tomorrow would bring but were brave and courageous enough to face those daunting tomorrows anyway. Let’s rejoice that in these 150 years after slavery we have had great milestones including a Black President and a Black face soon on the Twenty dollar bill. Rejoicing does not mean passivity or complacency. Rejoicing does not mean thanking White America for crumbs off the table. Rejoicing does not mean being satisfied. Rejoicing does not mean sitting on your "Blessed Assurances" waiting for someone else to fight for you.
The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.



A friend posted on Facebook last night that he was having a listening party for Prince's Music and a viewing of "Purple Rain" for his household and it was mandatory listening and viewing for his children—teenagers or close to teenagers. I laughed as others did in good fun and knowing him you knew he was serious…and he was in a parental way. I thought about that later. Martin and his wife are musically talented; so music appreciation is not a parttime effort in his household. Yet he is making sure his children REALLY KNOW and appreciate Prince and his legacy. The fact that Prince looks like him is also a consideration. How many of us take the time to really tell and explain to our children and anyone who will listen about some of the Black musical geniuses, and other Black geniuses across the spectrum who lived (or didn't live) during our lifetime? It is a part of OUR legacy.

We use the term "musical genius" too often and too lightly but Prince was a musical genius. The fact his music and his genius was so profound, we take for granted. Yet throughout the world, tributes are pouring in from countries and their people acknowledging who and what Prince and his music meant to them. When your music impacts an entire planet, that is a testimony to your Genius. Martin Carter is making sure his children know who and what Prince was and the Black Legacy and The Genius he represented to music. I really like that. HATS OFF TO YOU MARTIN AND HEATHER. After all, Unless WE Tell It…It Never Gets Told!

The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.