I refuse to spend 99 cents for some of these online newspaper subscriptions. It's the principle…plus…as we daily (pun intended) see, THEIR news analysis and reporting is simply not that good. Some of their reporters appear to have gotten their Journalism degrees (term used advisedly) from WalMart. I have seen better in-depth news reporting reading teen-age and high school newsletters.

I don't need a subscription to read the quality of great writers like Eugene Robinson, Leonard Pitts Jr, Charles Blow, Tonyaa Weathersbee, and Dan Froomkin or the hundreds of great bloggers on the Internet like Steve Benen or Markos Moulitsas Zúniga aka Kos (Daily Kos) or Josh Marshall (just naming a microscopic number).

I can also get better news and analysis from some of the Internet web sites like rawstory.com, politicusa.com, dailykos.com, thinkprogress.com, thedailybeast.com (just to name a few of my favorites), and then I can choose which web sites I want to contribute.

I don't have to watch NBC OR CBS OR ABC OR CNN to get their wimpy news. For real Progressive news, I tune in on TV to Bill Press and Stephanie Miller and Rev. Al and Chris Matthews (sometimes) and Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow (all the time) and Lawrence O'Donnell for real insightful analysis. And I can also find Keith Olbermann's Blog for additional insight into today's headlines.

Real News is out there. I simply look for it.

The Struggle Continues-RLHSR.