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THE BIBLE Series—Pure Entertainment, Not Accurate Religious History!

FOR THE RECORD…For those of you who wondered about the image of Jesus for the Hollywood Entertainment (YES ENTERTAINMENT) Series 'THE BIBLE" that everybody …Including throngs of Black People…have fallen in love with, this is how he looks.

Though many of you are hesitant to say Jesus is Black, he was born in a region where there are people of color (may it be of middle eastern appearance or Ethiopian). Jesus was a man of color. And though you can still worship him regardless of race, don't be gullible enough to believe Jesus is white with blue hair and brown/blonde eyes in the middle of a desert. ALL PERSONS in THE BIBLE… THE religious book for many, and my religious book too…lived in Africa and near Africa. And they had the physical appearances of those who lived in Africa and near Africa.

Now, at what point do you question whether a Religious Series is historically correct and gets it right? Because it is a series about The Bible does not mean Producers will get it right. Producers of a series like the Bible will not care whether they get it right because they know many of you will tune in anyway. And sponsors do not care as long as you watch. Some of you would consider it blasphemous not to tune in. Many of you will use this series to teach your Sunday School classes and Bible Classes as the Gospel Truth and become authoritative in the barber shops and hair salons and never question the authenticity or the accuracy of the series. And you will be as complicit as the Producers who are seeking and getting a huge payday with your viewership.

When you hear the regular sound of Cha-Ching, it is because the Producers of The Bible are feeding you a Big Gulp of "Don't question the historical authenticity and historical accuracy of the Bible Series" Kool-Aid, and many of you are drinking it ALL DOWN…TO THE LAST DROP…while they rush to the Bank!

Remember that when your sons and daughters and granddaughters and grandsons and nieces and nephews etc. ask you questions about The Bible as they watch with you. If you will lie to them about your religious history, what will you do about your cultural history?


How The Media Helped Fuel The Iraq War by Farron Cousins (from the Ring Of Fire web site)

"As the country marks the ten-year anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War, CNN posed the following question this morning, “What have we learned?”  While it’s unclear whether the cable news giant was asking the American public or themselves, the answer to the question is obvious – We learned that we cannot trust the corporate-controlled mainstream media.

It’s easy to blame the former Bush administration for their lies that led us into Iraq, but that blame only addresses half the issue.  Had the mainstream media outlets not been so willing to distort the truth and parrot the talking points of the Bush administration, the disaster that is Iraq could have easily been avoided.

In the months running up to the invasion, mainstream media outlets like CNN, Fox News, and even MSNBC trumpeted claims of “yellow cake uranium,” “weapons of mass destruction,” and “axis of evil” that were being thrown around carelessly by the war hawks of the Bush administration.  These talking points helped to create a feeding frenzy among the American public to the point that almost three-quarters of the country (before the start of the war) actually believed that Saddam Hussein was somehow involved in the attacks of 9/11.

The few voices in the mainstream press at the time who were critical of the invasion, specifically Phil Donahue on MSNBC, were promptly dismissed and replaced by journalists and newscasters who would blindly follow the administration’s orders.

In the ten years that have followed, nothing has changed.  Just this morning, CNN featured a story on the $800 billion price tag of the Iraq War.  However, this number is less than a third of the total cost of the Iraq War.  According to Nobel Prize-winning economist and author Joseph Stiglitz, when you factor in all economic costs of the war, the price tag is right around $3 trillion.  The dollar amount handed out to pay for the war is only a small part of the price tag, according to Stiglitz.  The real economic hits come in the form of death, disfigurement, loss of employment, and the opportunity cost of the war itself.

So even as the media becomes introspective and even willingly admits that they helped sell the war to the American public, they are still getting the story incorrect.

To answer CNN’s question, the only thing we’ve learned from Iraq is that we can’t trust the corporate-controlled mainstream media.  The media has not learned a thing.  We’re still bombarded by half-truths, misinformation, and even outright lies about important events and stories that affect our lives.

If there is any good that came out of the Iraq debacle, it is that a new, independent media machine emerged to help combat the constant stream of lies flowing from traditional media.  Progressive voices that had been stifled in the past began creeping into the mainstream, and today have become a force to be reckoned with on the national stage. The mainstream media has never, and likely will never, recover from their failings in Iraq, but their failure has given birth to a more honest, more robust, and more intriguing media system that is fueled by the people, not corporate shareholders."

The Struggle Continues…RLHSR.

Dr. Ben Carson-New Republicant ‘Flavor’ of the Month!

Dr. Ben Carson


(Click on the link above. The audio in the link is a little over 2 minutes. Especially pay attention to the Imperial Wizard's last line.)


Dr. Ben Carson, You have arrived — again. Of course, your new Racist Friends really appreciated your comments on FOX and your addressing the CPAC last week. Rush Limbaugh appreciated you and your comments also and he took to the airwaves to tell everybody. He just LOVES you!

If you did not know it before, you are not only the epitome of the "Educated Colored Boy" but you exemplify what Malcolm X meant when he said, "What Do You Call a Black Ph.D.? You Call him a Nigger." I know you do not understand that, just ask someone BLACK to explain it to you.

You, Dr. Carson, are also the perfect example why House Niggers worked out so well during Slavery, and continue to work out well today. And to have the Chief Imperial Wizard of the Klan excited about you…at least for the time being…is even headier than your splendid work as a pediatric neurosurgeon.

But Lest We Forget your latest BFF and Racist Slimy Slug and the venomous juice that has drooled from his mouth..

He called President Obama " Halfrican American" .

“I mean, let’s face it, we didn’t have slavery in this country for over 100 years because it was a bad thing. Quite the opposite: slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back; I’m just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark.”

“You know who deserves a posthumous Medal of Honor? James Earl Ray [the confessed assassin of Martin Luther King]. We miss you, James. Godspeed.”

"Obama is more African in his roots than he is American” and is behaving like an African colonial despot".

So Dr. Ben…or Rather Uncle Ben, You have re-established the structure of a Plantation Mentality, and reaffirmed the "You Are My Color – But Not My Kind" Mentality. You and Allen West and Herman Cain and the Republicant Select Circle of other House Niggers should enjoy your privilege singing Doo Dah and Dancing the Jigaboo Jigg for Massa. You have earned it!

The Struggle Continues…RLHSR.


The Black Presence in the Bible  (clink on Link.)


Questions for my Scholarly Friends…my Intellectual Friends…my Theologian Friends …and just My Friends…When referencing World Geographic locations, why do we say Mid East, when we don't say Mid North, Mid South, and Mid West? One "official" explanation is "The terms Middle East and Near East are eurocentric because they describe a region in relation to Europe or The West."

OK. But, I have always thought it was interesting, Biblical history being as important as it is, a way was found to teach locations in the Bible without saying in and around Africa…or in Africa…on the Continent of Africa…or near the continent of Africa. Changes the whole perspective today when many students study the Bible. Is it easier to say Middle East as a geographical reference point than to say Africa? Of course, most people do not know where the Middle East is.

If you said Africa instead of the Middle East, it would focus a truer perspective on the persons, places, and things in the Bible. We know that many of the archaeological locations in the Bible are in Africa… but …if you say Africa, you might have to admit many of the persons in the Bible were African. And for Evangelical Laymen and Evangelical Theologians, that might not sit too well. It also might not sit too well for those who call themselves religious but do not call themselves Evangelicals.

(BTW I read Dr. McCray's book more than 10 years ago. It is as good a read today, as it was then.)


The Struggle Continues…RLHSR.



 The Kochs and Their Corporate Arm ALEC Are Out to Destroy the Healthcare System


There are different kinds of WAR.

The Koch Brothers and their Republicant and Big Money Minions decided to declare their own War by initially dismantling America with small skirmishes, and covert combat: buying and seeking allies in the media to control what is shown and said on TV— spelled FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, CNN, Washington Post, New York Times etc.; Controlling State Legislatures with political campaign contributions to Republicants, both above and below the table; Controlling a National Legislative body Politic —Congress—to do their bidding with political campaign contributions to Republicants, both above and below the table; perpetuating racist skirmishes appealing to the so-called conservative element in this country; perpetuating sexist skirmishes easily identified as Anti-Woman; and of course, dismantling Unions. From there, they enlisted Christian Evangelicals on issues which appealed to a certain racist and conservative element. Then they co-opted the Highest Court in the Land through at least Two Supreme Court Justices—spelled Scalia and Uncle Clarence— who votes whatever way the Kochs want them to vote– who in turn votes in 'Citizens United', setting the stage for the grandest political prostitution contribution ring in the history of this country and allowing the Koch Brothers Money to control the political process.

So from those skirmishes, America is in a full scale war against its better interests and controlled by a few very Wealthy White Racist, Xenophobic, Sexist, Anti-Union, War Mongering and War-Profiteering, Chauvinistic MEN who know that "A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand". And the Koch Brothers know that America will never recover as long as they can point to someone else and not THEM as the focus of "MY" problems…So it is the fault of the Black Guy in the White House …Coloreds who are just 'slopping' at the Government Trough…'Illegal Aliens' who are taking all the jobs…Women who do not know their place…and that "Gay" thing.

AS corny as it sounds, We are in a War for our very existence. It is not a Government scripted War. It is a Billionaire/Obscenely Wealthy Corporation/Big Money scripted War that pits us against each other. Big Money will win unless WE really understand who the REAL enemy is. And when Big Money wins, WE all lose.

The Struggle Continues…RLHSR.


Dear Justice Scalia,

It’s me, Melissa.

By now, we know you well enough that there’s not much you can say or do that would come as a surprise. We can set our watches by your decisions that, predictably, will be in alignment with the Court’s most radically conservative reasoning. We know that unlike your friend Justice Clarence Thomas, who has a permanent mute button on, you will always voice an opinion, and it will be heavily influenced by your political agenda..

But even given all of that, what you had to say during Wednesday’s oral arguments still came as a genuine shock.

Commenting on Congress’s nearly unanimous re-authorization of the Voting Rights Act in 2006, you said, “I don’t think that’s attributable to the fact that it is so much clearer now that we need this. I think it is attributable, very likely attributable, to a phenomenon that is called perpetuation of racial entitlement.”

You went on to say, “I am fairly confident it will be re-enacted in perpetuity…unless a court can say it does not comport with the Constitution…It’s a concern that this is not the kind of a question you can leave to Congress.”

Racial entitlement? Not a question you can leave to Congress? Even for you, Justice Scalia, this is a particularly willful misreading of the Constitution you claim to adore.

In fact, let’s take a look at that august document. Right here, in Section 5 of the 14th Amendment and again in Section 2 of the 15th Amendment is the same entitlement…a congressional entitlement.

“The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.” You see Congress does in fact have the authority to enforce both equal protection and the franchise for American citizens. Especially when those citizens live in the former Confederate states.

In fact, the 14th Amendment spends much of sections two, three and four spelling out precisely how those states who were involved in “insurrection or rebellion” will be treated differently.

Because these were states whose economies and culture rested on the inter-generational, chattel bondage of human beings. And they were so determined to keep holding human beings in slavery that they got together in armed rebellion against the country.

Some of those same states–more than 150 years later–are still trying to pass laws that would deny the vote to the very people the Voting Rights Act, and Section 5 in particular, were meant to protect.

So excuse me, Antonin, if I am a little dismayed that you now describe the rights of citizenship as a “racial entitlement.”

Contrary to what you are suggesting, the Voting Rights Act was no gift given by the government to black people. Its primary purpose was to enforce a right that was already enshrined in the Constitution but had been repeatedly flouted by Southern governments.

Here is what you miss, Justice Scalia. A great thing occurred in the 1860s when Congress had to grapple with how to include the formerly enslaved within the circle of citizenship. That effort led Congress to articulate due process, equal protection, and a federally protected right to vote. Those pillars of citizenship apply to all. It is the opposite of a special entitlement.

But the constitutional amendments were not enough. It took an act of Congress, almost 100 years later, to make these promises a reality for all.

So, Justice Scalia, when you spew that entitlement discourse from the bench you undermine the very core of our democracy. But you know what? I want to thank you for what you said. Because on Wednesday, you showed us all exactly who you are.

And in the words of the late, great poet Notorious B.I.G.: “if we didn’t know, now we know.”



The Struggle Continues…RLHSR.