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A sense of pride: How Jacksonville is getting its swagger back. Really?

Jacksonville\'s Swagger?

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SWAGGER? Really? AM I MISSING SOMETHING? It's amazing how Jacksonville still REFUSES to address ITS Race and ITS Racial problem. RACISM STILL PERMEATES the skyline of Jacksonville. There is no swagger until you address your problems. Start first with a Jacksonville's problem of a high school STILL named after the founder of the KU Klux Klan. Of course this article does not touch Race. The obvious response from some whites and from some Blacks is, WE do not have a Race problem. By itself that is laughable but it also shows our insignificance to the white big boy power brokers and the media. Then you have Black wannabees who would have you believe…'We are involved' yet who have no heart to fight for their communities. Many Black wannabees still refuse to confront issues that affect Blacks in this community….and timidly and passively go along with whites who are determined to close many Black schools. Even those in the educational arena are truly conspicuous by their silence. And forget about SOME elected Blacks in the political arena. SOME of them are just there and mostly on the sidelines. BTW… Going to a social event (club) and going to watch the Jaguars IS NOT getting involved.

Look around you, and tell me about the SWAGGER. Look around you, do you have a SWAGGER? In other words, Black community, we do not care if YOU have a swagger or not. WE have a swagger without you.

The Struggle Continues…RLHSR