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I am a Jacksonville Native, and no one has to explain to me the who, what, where, why, and how about Jacksonville’s Racism. From age 11 when at the invitation of my 8th grade American History teacher Rutledge Pearson, I joined the Jacksonville Youth Council NAACP, I learned firsthand what Racism was and is, AND I—ME— made the decision to fight racism. It is a fight where I learned early, you CAN get tired BUT you CANNOT get Weary. James Weldon Johnson first echoed those sentiments when he penned ‘God of our Weary Years' in the beginning of the 3rd verse of his Masterful and Majestic Hymn “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing.” Which brings me the point of this Rant…yes a full blown Rant about Racist Jacksonville. There is an Exhibit at the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens based on James Weldon Johnson’s “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing.” It is called “LIFT.” It is Outstanding and great tribute to a great man.
Cummer Museum's Incomparable Director Hope McMath, with coordinated help from the Ritz Theatre and Museum's eminent Director Adonnica Toler, contacted 10 exquisitely talented artists—BOTH Black and White—to express their impressions of Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing. When I tell you there are not ten more gifted artists-including a photographer- anywhere in this country, I am not proverbially blowing smoke. Not only are they gifted and talented and brilliant, they are warm and passionate about what they create. Expressions of themselves that reflect what they feel James Weldon Johnson was saying and the impact of his great lyrics. The beauty of Art and the Art of beauty. No problem Right? Accolades to the brilliant Art …which crosses all racial spectrums Right? WRONG! This exhibit has been met with racist and rancorous reactions from many of the Museum’s White subscribers and other Whites in Jacksonville who are not even members of Cummer. (See Hope McMath’s Facebook posts.)
Though this is an exhibit in a heretofore White Museum featuring Black artists inspired by a Black Renaissance Man from Jacksonville, and money sponsoring the exhibit is not an issue, the racist reaction to the exhibit shines a spotlight on the larger issue here… JACKSONVILLE REFUSES TO GET OUT OF ITS RACIST WAY. From Ax Handle Saturday to the integration of the schools to changing the name of a school that Jacksonville’s 1959 school board named for a slave trader and the founder of the Ku Klux Klan, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Jacksonville HAS NEVER MATURELY confronted its racial problems, not then and not now…including the four years of a Black mayor. These are but a few examples of the many examples of Jacksonville being Jacksonville. Which is one of the reasons you never hear —certainly I never say—the words “progressive” and “Jacksonville” in the same sentence.
For those who would say, are you really that upset because of an exhibit? The answer is YES! The reaction by some in Jacksonville’s White Community is systemic of Jacksonville’s racial history, and how White Jacksonville has always dealt with racial issues with violence or an obnoxious and distasteful push back… and in this instance to an exhibit based on THE International Tour De Force by one of Jacksonville’s Native Sons. A Native Son, who by the way, White Jacksonville still does not acknowledge with the Excellence James Weldon Johnson deserves. The fallout is very simple and distasteful and for me, expected.
Jacksonville refuses to enter the 21st century and deal with its racist problems …whether it is glorifying a Confederate soldier statue and the War to Overthrow the United States of America by the enemy government called the Confederacy in the middle of downtown Hemming Park … correspondingly moving (and maybe even trying to hide) the marker about Ax Handle Saturday also in Hemming Park… treating schools in the Black community as an end note with ridiculous reasons to change their missions or close them… school administrators especially Black School Administrators not having the “balls” to do the right things in Black schools for fear someone is looking over their shoulders…ALL the Institutions of Higher Education passively sitting on the educational sidelines as the real civil rights history and the real Black history of Jacksonville, the state of Florida, and the nation simply passes them by…Black elected officials and White elected officials who are obviously too afraid or too indifferent or too timid to get in the mix and talk about Racism and try to do something about the Racism in Jacksonville—especially when the TV cameras are not on…Black Ministers who are obviously too afraid or too indifferent or too timid to deal with issues that affect their Black congregations while also teaching and preaching the Word…and Black congregations obviously too afraid or too indifferent too timid to tell their ministers to say something from the pulpit about these issues that affect us.
Racism is Real. Racism, whether thought of as Political or not represents Black Life Issues. YES! Jacksonville is complicit in its racism by its silence. Jacksonville really never should have changed its name from Cowford. Just call Jacksonville —Cowford WITH an NFL football team. That is why my hat is always off to media types like Tonyaa Weathersbee who is the only media writer in this town not afraid to call Racism…. Racism…and not afraid to call out Jacksonville’s racism. It has probably cost her too.

Are Jacksonville's “City leaders” SO BLIND that they cannot see what is happening to their City or do they Just Not Give a Damn. Jacksonville is once again at another racial crossroad and not because of an exhibit at a museum, but Jacksonville’s City Leaders apparently think they will get a different result by doing the same thing over and over and over again…saying nothing and keeping their heads in a hole in the sand. In fact Jacksonville lives at a racial crossroad…and Jacksonville has NEVER taken the right Racial Path. WILL JACKSONVILLE EVER WAKE-UP? In the meantime, for those of you who are fighting and who are MATURE enough to understand the fight against Racism is a marathon not a sprint, Teach our Young People. Take them to see the exhibit. It is definitely worth the trip and unforgettable learning experience. One day Jacksonville might do better and clean up the mess it is leaving for its young people. Here's to Hope and Beauty and Art and CONTINUING to Fight Racism and STAYING in the Struggle.

The Struggle Continues.  RLHSR.

Donald Trump, Racist and Republi-cant Presidential Candidate

DONALD TRUMP WAS AT HIS NEGATIVE “RACIST BEST” LAST NIGHT. And if you are a Donald Trump supporter you ate it up…which also means you are a Racist. You can deny Donald Trump is a racist and that you are, by liking what he stands for if you must, but it is obvious and not even painfully obvious. Just Obvious.
Donald Trump’s speech last night was dark, negative, nasty, and —according to the political pundits and fact checkers— full of lies. I did not watch it. I never intended to watch it. I knew what the speech would be…I knew what the Racist would say…and I was not disappointed. Like I said before, I do not have to watch a Klan meeting to know what The Klan will talk about. I read enough of the excerpts this morning to recognize that the racist diatribe spewing forth from his racist lips was as “Red Meat” as Red Meat could be. NO surprise there.
What is truly incredulous and surprising is that some folks actually thought that Donald Trump The Racist would say something to “unite”—their word—this country. Why? I have no idea. Or as Rudy Giuliani yelled and sputtered a few nights ago, “There is no White America! There is no Black America! There is just America!” Which is Bull crap and Rudy knows it is Bull crap when as the “RACIST CZAR” of New York, he did as much as "racistly" possible to make sure it was a White America and a Black America. That is how America's born, bred and created Institution of Racism works. You Divide. You Do Not Unite.
Donald Trump’s speech was obviously directed to White Republicant Male America who, I guess, are feeling better today about their newest White Knight in shining armor riding to “rescue America” after losing the most powerful position in the world TWICE to a Black man. Donald Trump is their newest White Hope after spending EIGHT excruciating years –for them–having to look at an intelligent and effective Black leader as President of the United States who spent a lot of time cleaning up the mess left by George W. Bush, and fighting White Republicants who would rather see this country go down the tubes than support programs he proposed to help ALL of America. John McCain and Mitt Romney could not beat Senator Barack Obama and then President Obama. So you figure what the Hell, let’s go full-throat and return to the Republicant Southern political strategy of Race, Racism and Fear…you know the strategy which works best for Racists.
It is unfortunate to even have a conversation about electing an Overt racist as president of the United States of America which in actuality shows how racist and hypocritical this country is and really has been for a while. Donald Trump will LOSE because ALL those groups he has insulted… The Blacks, The Latinos, The LGBT Community, The Muslims, The Physically-challenged, The Veterans…coupled with progressive Americans and YES THE WOMEN will register and go to the polls to vote for Hillary Clinton in droves. When Your Political Racism loses AGAIN White Republicant Male America, maybe you and your party…Your Racist Republicant Party…will regroup to once again try and analyze what went wrong. And that is sad for you. Figure it out for yourself. It might not be obvious to you but it is obvious to those INSULTED groups who make up the rest of America. Although it is a work in progress, THEY know what to do to KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

Republicants and The Press and Racism…3 Losers in a POD!!

WE HAVE SEEN IGNOMINIOUS LOSERS BY THE DOZENS PARADE BEFORE A SEA OF WHITE PEOPLE and other erstwhile Racists called the 2016 Republicant Convention in the pretext of glorifying the Republicant Party's nominee Donald Trump. Yet the real reason is, this same sea of Whites are there to glorify the Racism of Donald Trump. How can you talk about the bombastic cowardly racist wimp Donald without talking about how he has denigrated Women, Blacks, Latinos, Physically-Challenged persons, Immigrants, Religious Groups and the list goes on and on and on? In the meantime, the press and their infotainment reporters continue to gush about the racist and his family. Like it or not and admit it or not, if you are the head of a family and you are anti-Women, anti-Black, Anti-Latino, anti-LGBT, Anti-Muslim, and Anti-Immigrant, and your family does not object, then your family by extension embrace and endorse your racist ideology and your racist philosophy. On this count, the press goes silent.
There was once a time when the press did its job of informing and reporting and researching news, but no more. As we have seen in recent months and years, the traditional press/media is a pathetic shell of itself seeking to sell newspapers, boost TV ratings, and sell online news (?) subscriptions by any means necessary. How can you not talk about this sea of White folks who hang on THE Racist's every word? Complicity by silence and neglect.
Donald Trump does not wear a Klan robe but he is nonetheless just as big a racist that you will find at any Klan meeting. There are those who would say…“Just because I am supporting and voting for Donald Trump … and though he might have views that are considered racist by some …does not mean I am racist.” Well then Tell Me What Does It Mean? MEMO TO WHITE AMERICA—If you are a voting for Donald Trump with all of his racist views, then you are as much a Racist as he is. You can accuse me of playing the Race Card if you will, except it is not the Race Card. It is called the Core Racist Attitudes of the American Institution of Racism and they were created by White America.
We have had Racist Presidents before…Andrew Johnson and Woodrow Wilson immediately come to mind. Donald Trump is a bad weather day or a natural disaster or an Election Day Calamity away from being the first OVERTLY Racist President of the United States strictly running on a Racist Platform. Returning to those days of Overt Racism and Core Racist Attitudes will REALLY Make America Great Again…FOR WHITE AMERICA.

The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

Plagiarism….Thievery….Same Thing.

MOST WHITES —ESPECIALLY THOSE NAMED TRUMP OR THOSE ASSOCIATED WITH THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN —WOULD NEVER ADMIT THEY “TOOK IDEAS AND WORDS” FROM ANYONE BLACK…and certainly not the Sitting President and the First Lady. That would run counter to the obvious racist philosophy of their campaign. Understand the American Dream is Power and Real Power for many Whites and those Whites who are in the political arena is the POWER you can only attain in the political arena AND as the most powerful man (and woman) in the world. Many White Republicants and correspondingly many White Racists tried and have tried to sabotage and denigrate the presidency of President Obama for the obvious racist reasons. They could not stand to see him succeed yet he did and has “in spite of” their racist tactics. They also do not want to admit THIS BLACK MAN aka The President of the United States of America is smart and clever and bright and intelligent and sharp and a gifted orator.

From day one Racist Republicants sought to tear President Obama down wherever they could. At the same time Barack Obama merely SERVING as president…WORKING in the Oval Office…and he and his family LIVING in the White House was a blow to their White Privilege Political Psyche. He has the Power and they Do Not. They could not defeat him the first time around with McCain…they tried again with Romney…and that did not work either. Now that President Obama is leaving their hope springs eternal, and they feel this IS their shot.

They are now finding out that in addition to having to deal with the racist egotism of a Racist Egotist, he is really a bunch of mirrors and smoke…pun intended. Donald Trump is shallow …not very bright…not gifted other than as a Preeminent Liar …And the final straw is his wife entering the political arena of her own volition —with whomever else— had to STEAL from the wit and the smarts and the sincerity and the honesty and the genuineness of the First Lady and the wife of the man they have been trying to tear down for 8 years. Sincere words about values and how you treat your fellow man and woman by Michelle Obama are not the words you associate with a millionaire/billionaire. VALUES!!! Yet Melania Trump and the Trump Campaign STOLE them anyway….

“…that you work hard for what you want in life; that your word is your bond and you do what you say you're going to do; that you treat people with dignity and respect, even if you don't know them, and even if you don't agree with them.
…(We)… set out to build lives guided by these values, and pass them on to the next generation. Because we want our children — and all children in this nation — to know that the only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work for them.”

Words by a Black Woman regurgitated out of a White Woman's mouth. I guess that made them acceptable to the racists.They stole The Obama's Intellectual Property because their “Grey Matter” is not up to The Obama's Standards and Level. These racist Republicants had to resort to the brilliance of the Black First Lady of the United States of America to put together a speech for the wife of the White Racist Republicant Nominee. Is there any wonder they are pushing back that the OBVIOUS PLAGIARISM is not PLAGIARISM? Their White Psyches now are certainly in the PITS and they are having a FIT!

The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

America has never admitted that Black Lives Matter.

WHITE AMERICA DOES NOT WANT BLACK AMERICA TO FOCUS ON RACISM WITH MOVEMENTS LIKE BLACK LIVES MATTER because it highlights the FACT that Whites are responsible for the need to focus on Black Lives Matter. From day one in these As Yet United States of America, no other segment of American Society has been so targeted because no other segment of American Society is as identifiable as Blacks. NO OTHER FORM OF DISCRIMINATION IS AS INSIDIOUS AS DISCRIMINATION BASED ON THE COLOR OF ONE’S SKIN. Not your age, not your sexual preference, not your gender, not your life style, not your religion.

America was built on Racism and White Supremacy and doing unto others especially Blacks whatever way you chose, BECAUSE you could. When this country was founded, Black Lives did not matter. During Slavery, Black Lives certainly did not matter. Even when Blacks were freed after more than 250 years of enslaved bondage to suit White America’s whims and devious and economic fancy, Black Lives did not matter. When slavery ended, and ex-slaves received nothing after centuries of being the Golden Goose for White America, Black Lives did not matter. During the Civil Rights Movement, Black Lives did not matter. When White America Says All Lives Matter as an answer to Black Lives Matter, they are really saying ALL WHITE LIVES MATTER BEFORE YOU. Yet once again, They do not want to hear Black Lives Matter. It’s like charging Reverse Discrimination when America IS a country of Discrimination FIRST. These are the veritable stumbling blocks that White America has used and continues to use to stifle conversation and honest communications about Racism. We must remind White America everyday, and whether they want to be reminded or not, that Black Lives Matter.

Then White America has the nerve to get upset when WE call out their racism. And they laugh when we call out the lack of compensation for their keeping us in chained bondage while working us for free. History has proven America is a Racist country. Where else could a vile Racist run for president from a major political party with a platform of pure core racist attitudes? When we say Black Lives Matter, White America gets up in arms literally and figuratively. It’s an interesting thing that White people are always angry when Blacks focus on the unique traumatic experience called Racism which we face every day…trauma which White America started during slavery and continues until this day. Then you hear things like “Blacks should pull themselves up by their bootstraps”…and we do not have boots. People who are oppressed are always people at the lower end of the economic totem pole.

When I hear privileged Blacks like Charles Barkley and Karl Malone whine about Blacks “need to do better” they do not understand or realize the difference with them and with most Blacks and is that they had entertainment skills which pleased White America and they were able to parlay those entertainment skills into a better life for them and their families. Yet it is a skill which also says you are to be seen and not heard. If Charles Barkley and Karl Malone had to worry where their next meal was coming from and the possibility of being killed by racist police, they would understand. They understood Racism at one time but oh how soon we forget. During the days of slavery, House Niggers were easily identified…so are Karl Malone and Charles Barkley.
The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

There is NO such thing as a Little Bit Racist.

WHEN I SPEAK TO GROUPS OF WHITES OR GROUPS OF WHITES AND BLACKS ABOUT RACISM, I never call a White person a Racist unless their words and actions have proven otherwise. If I do not know anything about you I do not know you are a racist just because you are White. I do not do to White folks what they do to US based on hue of skin. It is called ASSUMING. You always want to deal with your knowledge of what a person said or did.
We know that David Duke is a Racist. We know that Donald Trump is a Racist. We know that Donald Sterling (former owner of the LA Clippers) is a Racist. We know that Paula Deen is a Racist. WE know they said something or did something to prove they are racist. WE know certain laws that are passed are done so with racist intent and the persons pushing those laws have racist resolve.
WE know that White police who have killed Blacks have done so with racist malice based on actual circumstances and the apparent rage directed at Blacks which is not correspondingly directed at Whites. When a person says Nigger or tells the Black Degrading jokes or denigrates a person because to their skin color or attacks that person because he or she is Black, and they are caught whether they wanted to be caught or not, that is prima facie evidence that they are racist. When they try and justify they are not after they are called out, then they usually make those typical racist "defensive responses"…I do not have a Racist bone in my body…Some of my Best Friends are Black…I have EVEN invited Blacks to my house.
Conversations about Race and about Racism make some Whites uncomfortable…and some Black folks too. (But that is another story.) In the course of an interactive conversation–if they choose to engage you–and in a question and answer period, they will determine for all to see and hear if they are racist, based on their responses. Let me share this actual conversation which was part of one of my videotaped and recorded presentations (by my hosts).

Questioner: Mr. Hurst it sounds like you are calling all White people racist.
Me: Is that what you heard?
Questioner: That is what it sounded like to me.
Me: You feel I called you a racist?
Questioner: Well maybe not me.
Me: Well who then…since you felt I called all Whites racist, and you are White?
Questioner: Well it just sounded that way.
Me: Let me get this straight, I sound like I am calling all Whites racist but you are not sure if I am calling you a racist, right?
Questioner: Yes.
Me: Do you admit racism exists?
Questioner: Yes.
Me: Are You a racist?
Questioner: No.
Me: How do I know you are not a racist?
Questioner: I’m just not.
Me: Do you feel Blacks are equal to you?
Questioner (pause)…Well not all.
Me: Because of their intellect? Do you feel Blacks are as smart as you?
Questioner: Well some might be, but not all.
Me: Let me ask you again, are you a racist?
Questioner: I don’t think I am.
Me: Is that a change from your previous answer of NO?
Questioner: —(PAUSE and no Answer.)
Me: Would you like to sit down?
Questioner: Yes.
Conclusion…There is no such thing as being a Little Bit Racist. You Simply Are.


The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

When Will YOU Apologize?

ALTON STERLING AND PHILANDO CASTILE WERE THE 114TH AND 115TH BLACK MEN KILLED BY POLICE THIS YEAR. As A Black male, the more you internalize the wanton killing of unarmed Black males, the more you understand that these are STATE SANCTIONED MURDERS. Invariably, police are ALMOST ALWAYS found not guilty or innocent or not charged even when the murder is as egregious as egregious can be, and there is overwhelming and documented proof of Intentional Murder. Then there are the talking heads ALL OVER TV including some Blacks and Whites who feel as if the Black community should somehow apologize to White America for the actions of Micah Johnson. And they start their diatribe by claiming Black Lives Matter is a racist movement.

However, before we even discuss this imagined and implied need for ME to offer an apology to White America—which I will not do— let’s consider this;
Will White America apologize for Slavery and the 10 million Africans killed in the Transatlantic Slave Trade?
Will White America apologize for the hundreds of thousands of Blacks killed during Slavery?
Will White America apologize for the racist killings of Harriette and Harry T. Moore and Dr. Martin Luther King -and Medgar Evers -and Vernon Dahmer -and (the four young girls in Birmingham) Denise McNair, Carole Robertson, Cynthia Wesley and Addie Mae Collins -and Emmett Till -and Herbert Lee -and Virgil Lamar Ware -and Lt. Col Lemuel Penn -and Jimmy Lee Jackson -and (The Nine persons killed in Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C.) State Sen. Clementa Pinckney and Cynthia Hurd, and Tywanza Sanders and Sharonda Singleton and Myra Thompson and Ethel Lance and Susie Jackson and the Rev. Daniel Simmons Sr. and DePayne Doctor -and Tamir Rice -and Walter Scott -and Dontre Hamilton -and Eric Garner -and John Crawford -and Michael Brown -and Ezell Ford -and Alton Sterling -and Philando Castile and the list is ever long and extensive.
Will White America apologize for Red Summer, the appropriate name given the summer of 1919 by James Weldon Johnson when there were 26 race riots in this country ALL started by Whites?
Will White America apologize for the total destruction of Black Wall Street in Greenwood-Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the deaths of more than 600 hundred Black persons? OR Rosewood? and that list is also ever long and extensive.

When we want to start the blame game, let’s just do it in chronological order by starting with Slavery, and not miss anything. And don’t tell me about I’m living in the past. You, White America, are still fighting the Civil War which you already lost.
If you want to have a mature conversation and admit Police are not White Saviors riding to some fantasized rescue on a White horse —like the Klan in the Racist movie “The Birth of a Nation” by D. W. Griffith—then we can talk.
If you want to have a mature conversation with solutions that covers the “racial waterfront”…that’s a start. But if you want to come with your same tired recriminations, don’t waste my time. 

The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

Can You Say Something Good About The Media? NO!

THE PRESS IS AS HYPOCRITICAL AND AS RACIST AS IT CAN BE. The fact they do not admit their racism makes it even worse. A few days ago, Brian “Another Day-Another Lie” Williams of MSNBC said President Obama made comments in a delivery “like Richard Pryor.” No matter whatever in the hell he was trying to say, it rang out loud and disrespectful and racist to me. Other commentators —and White commentators might I add—always throw in their subjective and ignorant comments when they—the White THEY—do not feel the Black President is responding how THEY think the Black President should respond and saying what THEY think the Black President should say. Many times they simply mouth the racist party line from the Racist Republicant Party.
The Racist Donald Trump said after the Orlando killings and before HE even knew who the shooter was…”Is President Obama going to finally mention the words radical Islamic terrorism? If he doesn't he should immediately resign in disgrace.” He also blamed the Dallas shootings on President Obama and went on to say that President Obama “is dividing and has divided the country racially.” The media then tries to make it a stretch by saying, “It’s just politics.” I vehemently disagree with the wimps in the media that "It's just politics." Racists have a pattern by trying to blame Blacks for this country’s racism. Racism they designed and developed during and after the American Christian Holocaust called Slavery.
Did the press call out Donald Trump’s wanton and vile and virulent racism? Have they ever? Hell No! Yet that is how the White Racist Press and White Racists operate…and Donald Trump is as White and as Racist as they come. The media does not recognize racism because they DO NOT WANT to recognize racism. They are not unique. White America does not recognize Racism because it DOES NOT WANT to recognize ITS Racism. The press simply mirrors American Born and American Bred Racism. In other words, Racism is as American as Apple pie. Like It Or Not.
The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.


I HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT RACISM SINCE MY 8TH GRADE AMERICAN HISTORY SCHOOL TEACHER AND MY MENTOR RUTLEDGE HENRY PEARSON INVITED ME AND MY CLASSMATES TO JOIN THE YOUTH COUNCIL NAACP. He would tell us in the classroom…”If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.” I was 11 years old. Mr. Pearson started me on two roads…fighting Racism and Understanding the Great Legacy of Black History. He wanted to make sure that we were armed with the tools to fight a country that did not want us here—even though they kidnapped us from OUR country to being us here. He wanted us to know that from Slavery on, America did not GIVE US anything…that WE rightfully EARNED the citizenship that America did not want to give us. And he wanted US to be proud of who were and to know and appreciate the great legacy of those Black males and females who blazed paths of accomplished through the Jungle of Racism.

That was 61 years ago. What is remarkable in the battle against Racism over the years is very little has changed. One of the reasons we see what is happening in the streets by police and the deafening silence by larger White America is White America does not fundamentally respect Black America. Oh…White America will tolerate us….on the football field…on the basketball court…on the performing stage…on the TV screen…on the movie screen…but sincere respect, not so much. White America does not respect our history…they do not respect our struggle…they do not respect how much Black America has achieved in spite of…WHY? Because the lack of respect and the stumbling blocks for Black America have been carefully placed there by White America. The lack of respect by White police…militia patrols in the Black community…is part and parcel of the larger vista of disrespect of Blacks in America by White America.

Oh we have made some “strides”—I do not call it progress—I will leave it to others to call it progress. Some even think we have arrived. And that is because we can go where we want to go, for the most part, drive what we want to drive, be with who we want to be with, sleep with who we want to sleep with, and all in this societal phenomenon called Integration. It does not mean that Blacks are so readily accepted; it simply means that White America has a higher level of toleration for Black folks…NOT RESPECT… TOLERATION. In part because it is politically and socially expedient to do so and because it makes good financial sense for the White Big Boys. The Black community generates billions of dollars every year and the White Big Boys are always standing ready to reap this financial windfall. It does not mean you are highly respected, it just means you are a means to an end…and that end is lining their pockets with your money.

Unless and until White America understands and RESPECTS US as Aretha would say, we will continue to see Blacks killed by police for reasons that do not approach the need for an arrest let alone deadly force…We will continue to see White elected officials disrespect the President of the United States and the most powerful man in the world but a power White America will not acknowledge because he is Black…Distasteful caricatures of Blacks in roles of TV and in the movies because it pleases Whites to laugh at us while we are ignorantly laughing at ourselves. DISRESPECT. Until Respect is at hand for Black America, we will continue to see these scenarios played out in the streets and on FOX and CNN and NBC and CBS and ABC and MSNBC etc etc etc and those racist local newscasts by insignificant Black and White minions called local news reporters. We need to learn to withhold our money from Racist White America…withhold our votes from Racist White elected officials… Don’t allow White elected officials with their LIES to rush our Black pulpits …WE need to tell our preachers we do not want the Liars in our church and if they do not get the message…JUST LEAVE. The most ridiculous thing I hear from Black folks is … “The Black Church should not be political. I come to church to hear the word.” Clueless Black folks who call themselves Christians yet they are not prepared to work and sacrifice and fight for who they are and even whose they are and they incredulously hide behind the Christian Cross. They really need Black Bible Study…not just Bible study …but Black Bible Study.

We MUST continue to fight and demonstrate and strategize and figure the different ways to MAKE America Respect us. Every Black Lives Matter demonstration is an indication that things are not right White America and they will never be right until WE can also say “Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” and know those words apply to US. It is not easy. Fighting the War of Racism is not easy and has never been easy. Yet it is a fight and a war for which we must continually declare or WE PERISH AS A PEOPLE.

Many of the signs are gone, giving the appearance that racism is less overt; but that does not mean that it has disappeared, or that “equality is at hand” in what Dr. Maya Angelou refers to as “these, as yet, United States of America.” Recognize the Hue of the face looking back at you in the mirror. In the final analysis, being Black and understanding being Black is a state of mind.

The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

Police are RACISTS too!


Philando Castile

I HAVE ALWAYS SAID IF YOU ARE A RACIST WHEN YOU JOIN THE POLICE FORCE, GIVING YOU A BADGE AND A GUN NOW MEANS YOU ARE A RACIST WITH LEGAL LIFE AND DEATH CONTROL OVER ME! You can shoot and KILL me with impunity knowing you will never get charged or serve time. Yet there are those who will hide the police behind the comments—"fear of their safety" or "his life was in danger." These are law enforcement professionals. Would you have me believe they cannot diffuse situations without taking a life? You never read about the police struggling with a White person and then shooting and killing that White person at point blank range OR as that White person runs away for whatever reason…the policeman stops…kneels on one knee …takes careful aim…and shoots the fleeing White person in the back and killing him OR arresting a White female for showing "attitude" resulting in her death from an as yet explained "suicide" while in jail OR shooting a White kid with a toy gun within 3 seconds of arriving on the scene. Yet you read those scenarios everyday when the police deals with someone Black. Question…When a Black person is involved, killing is the only solution? Your skin color is your ticket for death?

Whites cannot understand this. I will not even try to help them understand. But suffice it to say, WHITES NEVER have to worry about getting a phone call in the middle of the night that a loved one has been killed by the police for WHATEVER the reason. You will see countless efforts to defend and explain the police MURDERS in Louisiana and Minnesota and whenever and wherever POLICE KILLS a Black person. And invariably, the Black dead victim was ALWAYS AT FAULT. We refuse to believe and understand Racism at work when we know racism is at work. It is racism and the American Institution of Racism. We refuse to admit that police and law enforcement agencies REEKS of the Klan and other Racist organizations. We also refuse to admit police CAN BE Racist. Certainly Whites refuse to admit it while also refusing to admit that Racism even exists. Let's just say many Whites wear Racism Sun Glasses.

Blacks and Whites are prompted to say it is just THE CRIMINAL ELEMENT IN THIS COUNTRY. The Irony is the American Institution of Racism just about guarantees that 1 in 6 Black men will have a record or at least have an arrest during their lifetime. THE PRESS AND THE POLICE reinforce this negative image with a mug shot of several years ago and the press "suggests" this Black man was killed and "IT WAS HIS FAULT" because of his past or present criminal activity. "The Police felt threatened and feared for his safety."

THE SCRIPT CONTINUES…When the community refuses to buy that and shows disgust and demonstrates or even implies violence because of ANOTHER Black person killed at the hands of the police, White Police Chiefs and White Sheriffs and White elected officials do what they have always done since time immemorial. They trot out a Black preacher(s) and/or Black elected officials who then mouth these mealy-mouthed scripted words: "Let's just pray and be cool and let the process run its course." And this rejoinder…"I believe in the system." even when the preachers know THE SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK!

All of this revolves around that cursed "four letter word" called RACISM. You can think it is overworked or misused or not even applicable in Police on Black Murders…but understand you are not acknowledging the very obvious. Racism is Real and it permeates out every day existence. You fight Racism by admitting it exists…You call it out…and you use every tool at your disposal to fight it every day. You vote in huge numbers…you demonstrate…You do those things which makes a city uncomfortable and even makes you uncomfortable…You bring White elected officials before your organizations to explain issues and tell you where they stand on issues critical to your community …you vote out those whom you know are racist…You also call out the House Niggers among YOU who will sell you out for a few dollars and a Bar-Be-Cue Sandwich…AND YOU BOYCOTT AND WITHHOLD YOUR MONEY FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME. Then some …not all… but some White Folks will get the message. Remember fighting Racism requires US to sacrifice. That is SACRIFICE in Capital letters.

The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.