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No Surprise Here

I had a “lend me your ear” call over the weekend from a Black friend who does not live in Jacksonville. He is in network news or he was until last week. He resigned from sheer frustration. All of his frustration apparently boiled to the surface during the many “Black Lives Matter” and other protests throughout the country. He basically said to me Black people cannot “get their perspective included” when the network news staff has its meetings, and when network news segments are presented on the air. He is not a passive person and does speak up for a Black point of view. He went on to say the editorial staff which consists of the news program producer, director, researchers, and him (also a producer) are mostly White and have NO perspective on Blacks in the news.  And he added that is what he brings to the table along with his journalistic skills.  He added it is the “suits” that run network news and a Black point of view is not something of which they are interested.  I asked him jokingly was he eavesdropping on some of my conversation with friends on Facebook.  He is not on Facebook.

He covered the Michael Brown protests and other demonstrations but when he attempted to explain the perspective of the protestors, he was told he does not understand the “big picture” and he “cannot be too Black in the news.” When a person is frustrated you can hear it in their voice and when that person is a friend you try and help him with the frustration as best you can. It frustrates you too when there is nothing you can do but listen, although sometimes listening, as corny as it sounds, can help. He is a journalism graduate from a prestigious school and has a few hours left on his Masters Degree.

He also bemoaned the fact some of the other Blacks in the news operation “simply go along to get along. They are either too afraid they might lose their job if they say anything, they do not understand their Blackness, or they agree “I might be too Black.” He also said it is not just isolated to his network.  He did have praise for the operations of some network news personality programs like Al Sharpton or Melissa Harris-Perry or Rachel Maddow. He is not on MSNBC. He is now doing the usual. He is sending his resume’ (resume working) to various news programs and he is definitely trying to get on MSNBC and Al Jazeera, who he says has one of the best and fairest news operations in the industry.

Obviously he was frustrated, yet there is much truth in what he said especially when you watch the news coverage…or lack thereof…of news stories about Blacks and the racist comments about the President which should concern all Americans. He did not say it but I will.  There is inbred Racism is network news designed to appeal to White viewers. We all know it, but very few will say it.

I am posting this FYI.  Think about this when you watch network news and it’s professionally challenged ugly red-haired stepchild, local news, and then consider the sources.

The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

The Race Traitor


Mayor Bill De Blasio made himself the enemy because he spoke about racial profiling. Mayor De Blasio made an enemy of the NYPD, because he publicly spoke about the police profiling black males. The black community has spoken about this issue for decades.

The narrative of local police forces harassing, arresting and murdering black citizens unjustly has been reported through thousands of anecdotes, countless personal experiences and various musical genres for decades. The idea that this is finally recognized publicly by news channels in 2015, is absolutely pathetic for a country that prides iself on freedom and equality.

This issue was finally presented to all of white America by a white man: Bill De Blasio, Mayor of New York City. Mayor De Blasio put a white human face to an issue that many whites have either ignored or truly did not know about. Mayor De Blasio’s white face FINALLY made this an issue that some members of white America would finally recognized.  Black America has told white America for centuries that racism is in fact real and not a figment of a collective imagination, or an excuse for laziness or general failure. It is often easy and usually TOO easy for white America to dismiss black America for pointing out racism. Recently some members of white America have been calling white democrats and black America “The Real racists”. White on black racism is real and ALL white people know this. Many white people on the right(usually the GOP and Tea Party members), always attempt to deflect from their actual racism and the racism that lingers within the white race.

When Mayor De Blasio spoke of his concerns of the police harming his biracial son, it made him a Race Traitor.

Mayor De Blasio became the enemy of the right(usually white people and fools like Ben Carson), because as a prominent white man, he gave legitimacy to racism. Racism is supposed to be the excuse of lazy niggers who don’t want to work. Racism is supposed to be an excuse when a black person just isn’t good enough.

Mayor De Blasio angered many card carrying members of white America when he legitimized racism with the words that came out of his white face. HE’S NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT!! As a good white man, he’s supposed to dismiss racism by saying nothing or laughing nervously like a moron. HE DIDN’T do that, he spoke the truth. The truth he learned from his life and his experiences. As a white person, his words on racism are given validity. He is given the benefit of the doubt of because of his skin. When he exposed the fact white people CAN in fact be racist, many on the NYPD knew that his words would be taken seriously. Instantly all of the black people that have claimed maltreatment at the hands of the NYPD were given validity. That’s why they turned their backs on him. (BLACKMANUSA.WORDPRESS.COM)

Enough Said. The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

FREEDOM NEVER DIES…The Legacy of Harry T. Moore


While we are enjoying Christmas with our families and appreciating another God-Given Breath of Life, remember one of the real unsung Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement. On Christmas Day 1951, Harry T. Moore and his wife Harriette retired to bed in their white frame house tucked inside a small orange grove in Mims, Florida. Ten minutes later, a bomb shattered their house, their lives and any notions that the south's post-war transition to racial equality would be a smooth one. Harry Moore died on the way to the hospital; his wife died nine days later. Despite an extensive FBI investigation, and two later investigations, the murders have never been solved.

Because Moore was killed in 1951, his name and his wife's name are not mentioned as deaths in the Modern Civil Rights Movement which some arguably say began with the death of Emmett Till in 1955. I say Harriette and Harry T. Moore's life's work, and his death were very much a part of the Modern Civil Rights Movement. Harry was the first NAACP official killed in the civil rights struggle, and he and Harriette are the only husband and wife to give their lives to the movement. He literally put his life on the line every day as his Bio attests. He is one of my Real Civil Rights Champions.

It was my honor to be the Keynote Speaker last year (2013) when Harry T. Moore and His Wife Harriette were inducted in the Florida Civil Rights Hall of Fame.

Freedom Never Dies: The Legacy of Harry T. Moore documentary explores the life and times of this courageous leader, a distinguished school teacher whose passionate crusade for equal rights could not be discouraged by either the white power structure or the more cautious factions of his own movement. It restores Moore to his rightful place in the Civil Rights Movement.

The Struggle Continues.  RLHSR.


The degree of Racism that infects us all is evident in the killing of the two police officers in Brooklyn. Almost immediately, police union spokesmen, Right Wing Racist Hypocrites, AND Racists of all conveniences started pointing fingers at the demonstrations and protests and protests leaders and specifically Blacks as if Blacks are responsible for the deaths of the policemen and American Institution of Racism. Yet these same professional spokesmen never uttered a kind Christian word for the families of the unarmed victims killed by policemen. Let me remind you the American Institution of Racism was developed for, and is supported by, White America.

I do not apologize for protests and Demonstrations which dealt with the epidemic of brutal police killings, and do not try and tell me when a police kills an unarmed Black person that is simply “the price of doing business” if you are a law enforcement officer. The problem is those who protest racism and in this instance the unconscionable killings of many Blacks by police and other law enforcement officers are made to feel as if their protesting is responsible for police being killed. That is always the strategy of the American Institution of Racism. Whatever the circumstances, it was “The Blacks” fault for stirring up the “Niggers”. How many times have I heard “Racial Agitators”? This is not agitating. This is Black America protesting a problem America has allowed to simmer for decades. White policemen coming into the Black community as the disrespectful slavery plantation owners reincarnated to keep “The Blacks” under control is not new. The mantra is always “do not do as I do, just do as I say do.” There are police who do their jobs as professionals and there are policemen who do their jobs as racists. Yet when White policemen kill as we have see over this last year, Whites never view those killings as racist crimes against Blacks. Blacks killed by White policemen irrespective of circumstances are almost always “justified”. Do you really expect the Black Community to believe there are no bad policemen and there are no racist policemen? Of course, we live in a country which never apologized for slavery and never apologized for kidnapping millions of Africans from their native continent; so I would not expect America to ever see where it is wrong.

Well America you are wrong. As a Black man, I am not going on a guilt trip because two policemen were killed any more than you White America go on a guilt trip when Blacks are killed by policemen no matter the circumstances or lack of credibility and substance. I am a Christian and I abhor all killing. When you allow murderers to walk free or are never charged because a prosecutor “cooked the prosecutorial books” I never hear your voice. You call it justifiable homicide (what a helluva oxymoron), Blacks call it Murder. WE have seen it much too often. So we are at a crossroads. Unless America first deals with its rampant racism, and then begin to afford respect to Black America, then Humpty Dumpty will really have a Great Fall. Parading a few “handkerchief head” Niggers — Black Uncle Bens and Uncle Clarences and Aunt Staceys —asking us to apologize Cannot Put Humpty Dumpty Together Again. Blaming Blacks for America’s problems is not going to solve the problem. Funny but when you had us in chains as slaves, making money for you, we were not a problem.

Talking Race and Racism is very intimidating. Yet American Racism is as American as Apple Pie. America does not understand respect when it comes to Black America. That is a by-product of American Racism. You will not respect a Black President. You will not respect a Black First Lady. You will not respect a Black Attorney General. You treat them as irreverently as you treat the Native American Indians whose land you stole. The fact President Obama is Black exacerbates your already pathetic core racist attitudes. Like it or not America, the protests and the demonstrations will continue. You can blame Blacks all you want, but sooner or later you had better start looking in the mirror to assess the Real Blame. Only then can YOU start solving YOUR Problem.

The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

The Scale Of Injustice!


The Scale of Injustice

The Scale of Injustice tells us two things
1) A Racist with a Badge and a gun is still a Racist, but with Life and Death Control over you; and
2) Justice is Not Blind. Justice Is Most Definitely A Racist.

The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

Lazy and Inept News.

Soledad O’Brien schools CBS host: Black protesters deserve to "survive an interaction with police".




CNN contributor Soledad O’Brien tried to explain to CBS host Bob Schieffer on Sunday that the protests over law enforcement “criminalizing” black communities were about much more than the recent deaths of black men in Missouri and New York.

“Anybody who thinks that what is happening right now [with the protests across the country] is only about Eric Garner, is only about Michael Brown is really missing what is happening in black America,” she pointed out. “African-Americans feel that they are treated differently in the criminal justice system, they are treated differently under the law.”

“There is this aggressive targeting of black people,” O’Brien added. “That doesn’t happen in white communities, and it’s that anger over so many years that is really percolating up now.”

“Do you think that’s a valid feeling, that they are being treated differently?” Schieffer asked. O’Brien encouraged the CBS host to “look at the statistics.”

In her recent CNN documentary Black in America: Black and Blue, she found that 90 percent of the 5 million stop-and-frisk stops in New York City never resulted in arrests. “Those people had done nothing,” she explained. “So 90 percent of the blacks and Latinos that were stopped in stop-and-frisks in New York City didn’t do anything. Imagine what that does psychically to a culture if you ‘fit the description,’ which means you’re black, male, 19 to 25.”

Schieffer, however, wondered if the stop-and-frisks were justified because blacks lived in “high-crime areas.” “I think the challenge is that it’s not being applied proportionally,” O’Brien declared. “For example, if you are arresting and stopping people where many of them haven’t done anything, you create a culture in that community — even a high-crime community — where people feel like they are being criminalized, even those — as we saw in our documentary — who haven’t done anything.”

The CNN contributor recalled that one man said that he had been stopped more than 100 times.

“At some point, I think it becomes very damaging to these individuals, but also to a community that understands this is unfair,” she continued. “White people would say to me, ‘Well, I tell my children they should be respectful of police.’ And black people would say, ‘I teach my son how to survive an interaction with the police,’ regardless of socio-economic status.”

“That is problematic, and that, I think, is at the core of all these marches and anger that we’ve seen.”


My Comments….Bob Schieffer is an uninformed TYPICAL talk show host who has outlived his usefulness if he was ever useful in the news arena. I cannot give this heretofore perceived knowledgeable host of a heretofore perceived intelligent news talk show a pass for stupidity and laziness.The questions and comments he made in this article are just some of the reasons why some of us should simply turn off network news…local news is a given…and seek news sources from some of the excellent web sites on the internet.

Yep I AM saying throw out the news baby with the stinking news bath water. You might learn more about what is REALLY GOING ON. When you can only list one or two news talk shows as worthy of watching, there is a Real problem. But then we knew that.

The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

The South Will Rise Again…They Hope!

Notwithstanding Southern Democrats who wimpishly ran both hot and cold on Progressive issues and supporting President Obama as the standard bearer of Democrats, the loss of Mary Landrieu (link article) camouflages other reasons why there will be no Democratic senators left from the Deep South when the new Congress is sworn in early next year. The press will never discuss it and of course NO TV talk show will adequately engage in an honest conversation, so I am offering my reasons why Republicants have taken over the Political South.

Your Choices are: 1)The Brown Decision. 2)The Civil Rights Bill of 1964. 3)The Voting Rights Act of 1965. 4)The Voting Rights Act of 1968. 5) Southerners hate Democrats since the Democrat Party is the Party of President Lyndon Baines Johnson who signed the Civil Rights Bill and the Voting Rights Acts. 6)Still Angry and Refusing to admit defeat of the so-called Civil War and Terrorist Southerners want a do-over.(Please note…The South was really an Enemy Government since they seceded from the United States of America) 7) They are throwing Red Meat Signals to the Klan to crank-up again. 8) Racist Republicant Right Wing Evangelical Tea Party Party totally represents the views of White Southerners. 9) The South does not like a Black President. 10) Southerners hate Democrats since the Democrat Party is the Party of Black President Barack Obama. 11) White Southerners do no like or want a Black President. 12) The South is not Progressive …never has been Progressive, and simply remains THE Bed Rock of Embedded Racism. 13) Best Place to keep Niggers in their Place. 14) The South wants their Love Affair with Racism to continue UNIMPEDED by things like Fairness and Equality. 15) Did I Mention White Southerners do no like or want a Black President? 16)All of the Above.


The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

The word is Insignificant.

Rev. Al Sharpton (l.) stands back as Esaw Garner, widow of Eric Garner, as she speaks to the press after a grand jury decided not to indict NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo for the death of her husband.

Rev. Al Sharpton (l.) stands back as Esaw Garner, widow of Eric Garner, as she speaks to the press after a grand jury decided not to indict NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo for the death of her husband.

Huffington Post Headline …“Conservatives Join Outrage Over Grand Jury Decision In Eric Garner's Death”…
Yeah! Sure! Right! Don't get lulled into thinking Conservatives –aka Racists–give a tinker's damn about Eric Garner. Black Lives in this country are marginalized and insignificant because that is the mantra of Racism. In other words, Black Lives are not worth a tinker’s damn. Conservatives/Racists live by that creed. Which is why the headline “Conservatives Join Outrage Over Grand Jury Decision In Eric Garner's Death” is not worth the computer space it uses. This was a sloppy DBP (Death By Police) because it was captured on tape. So officials could not tell the public not to believe your Lying eyes. Amadou Diallo. Manuel Loggins Jr. Ronald Madison, Ramarley Graham, Sean Bell, Michael Brown and the list is tragically long, were all killed by the police who were not charged AND there were no videos. Eric Garner on the other hand was a different matter. There was a video. Did it make a difference charging the police? Not in the least. So it was sloppy. They could not use the usual basis of my police word against the dead victim. Another snuffing of an "Insignificant Life".

A Little History…The Word is Insignificant.
During slavery and after slavery, Blacks were hanged, bull whipped to death, shot, bodies pulled apart by horses and all to make a point. Your life was insignificant. When a slave owner “lost” a slave, he simply bought another. And even if he did not, he increased the workload on the remaining slaves. But his point was made, and the other slaves got the message. The cowardly Ku Klux Klan did the same thing and under the protection of law enforcement because many Klan members were in law enforcement. Yet today, Black students will say to you, as they have said to me, Mr. Hurst, there were good slave owners and bad slave owners, and the Klan started as a social organization. This is what we teach. We call it American History. Good White Plantation owners are significant, and slaves are insignificant. American History teaches nothing about Black History and teaches nothing about the Civil Rights Movement. So the word/term/policy that yells "Insignificant" continues.

Many Whites today continue to treat Blacks as insignificant creatures. Many Whites think more of their pets than they do for Blacks. Liberals come up with these stupid ideas of what THEY think is best for Blacks. THEY consider allowing Black to TELL THEM what is best. That's because Blacks have Insignificant Minds. The American Institution of Racism’s permeating attitude is ALL Black Males are violent. Get them before they get you is the “public safety rationale” many law enforcement officers use and upon which Stand Your Ground laws are written. Black Lives in America are still insignificant and unless and until we decide to do something about it, NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

And don’t send me any links where some reporter and headline writer are having orgasms because a few racists are saying things with a wink wink. If you believe them, maybe you need to look in the mirror again.

The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

He IS The President!

Let's get over the Bull Shit emotionalism of demanding President Obama go to Ferguson. He does not need to go to Ferguson. Former Sundown Town Ferguson is just another residual of this country's Racism. President Obama is not the head of a Civil Rights Organization. He is not the President of a Community Based Organization (CBO). He is not a troubleshooter. He is the President of the United States. He has a plethora of folks who can go. He has spoken from his position as President about Ferguson, and might I add, quite well. Remember HE sent Attorney General Eric Holder to visit Ferguson earlier, and the FBI is still investigating. The Secretary of State goes when there is an International Incident, not the President. The Secretary of Homeland Security visits incidents of national security.

There are those who say, why can't the President go? Cornel West went? First-Cornel West is a Pompous Ass; and Second-He is not the President of the United States. And he still has not received an invitation to the White House. BTW-This is West's latest criticism of President Obama…"I think Ferguson signifies the end of the age of Obama." What the Hell does that mean? Oh I know, some of his professorial colleagues and Do Good liberals (them again) will flock to West's defense with the usual banal jargon. All expected. (As an aside—If some of these "Doctors" do what they should do in TWI (Traditional White Institutions) and HBCU (Historical Black Colleges and Universities) and teach their students about Black History and the Civil Rights Movement, maybe more students will understand. I needed to say that.) Of course, these same Academics/Professors/Race Experts and Do Good Liberals/Race Experts will never move beyond their ivory towers to get involved. They just talk a good game, criticize, and complain, and that is all. They collectively did nothing back in the Civil Rights Movement, and they continue to do the two things now that they do best— Nothing and Pontificate. Cornel West needs to go somewhere and sit in a corner and wait for a White President in 2016. Maybe he will finally get his White House invitation.

President Obama does not have to visit Ferguson. He did not need to visit Sanford or Jacksonville or New York or Los Angeles or Richmond or Dallas either. Get Over It!

The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.


The state of race relations in the U.S. where people seem to be under the mistaken belief that we are “post-racial,” is dire. This week saw a young, unarmed Black man killed by the NYPD in a stairwell, and a refusal to indict from a Ferguson grand jury. Responses to these events from those concerned about systemic discrimination against people of color also saw the revival of a familiar battle cry among my fellow honkies: “Reverse racism!”

Accusations of “reverse racism” are dragged out in many cases when people of color and nonwhite people speak out, sometimes passionately, about racial issues. In Texas, for example, a teacher was recently forced out of her job after a profanity-laced tweet from her private account, in which she referred to White people as “crackers.” Make no mistake: The district’s pressure wasn’t about the use of some four letter words. It was about “crackers,” and the belief that some people think it’s a racial slur. Yes, really. Recently, in another example, the “tanning tax” was called “racist against White people.”

#Breaking: Reverse racism doesn’t exist. Here’s why.

1) Racism = privilege + power

In order to be racist, you need to possess two traits. The first is privilege: A structural, institutional, and social advantage. White people occupy positions of racial privilege, even when they are disadvantaged in other ways. White women, for example, consistently make more than Black women, because they benefit from racial attitudes. Furthermore, you also have to have power: the ability, backed up by society, to be a strong social influencer, with greater leeway when it comes to what you do, where, and how.

For instance, white people benefit from privilege and power when they aren’t arrested for drug crimes at disproportionate rates, while Black people experience racism when they’re arrested, and sentenced, for the same crimes. This reflects a racialized power imbalance in the justice system. It’s about the privilege and power of white offenders (less likely to be racially profiled, more likely to have strong legal representation, more likely to be able to talk police officers out of an arrest) and the lack of social status for Black offenders.

People of color talking about White people don’t occupy positions of privilege or power. Therefore, they cannot be racist. Racism is structural, not personal.

2) Anger is a legitimate response to oppression.

When “reverse racism” is flung around, it’s often in response to angry language, to protests, to fights for equality. People of color have been pushing back on privilege and power for a long time. Many of them are understandably pretty tired of it. Unsurprisingly, some aren’t interested in moderating their tone for a white audience. That means that sometimes they use strong language, out of frustration, rage, or to make a heavy impact on observers. Still not reverse racism.

More importantly, insisting that people of color need to be nice about the way they talk about racism is, in fact, racist: It suggests that, for example, “angry Black women” don’t merit social attention, because they’re being unreasonable.

3) Attempts to rectify systemic injustices are not examples of reverse racism.

One of the most common pieces of evidence used as “proof” of reverse racism is that of affirmative action and minority admissions at colleges, universities, and some companies. The argument goes that people of color are stealing positions and jobs away from better or equally qualified white people.

This is not the case. The problem is that generations of injustice have resulted in under-representation of people of color in these settings, and the goal of affirmative action and related initiatives is to ensure that they aren’t harmed by racial bias in admissions and hiring decisions. People of color aren’t admitted or hired “over White people.” They’re considered equally, with an eye to the fact that subconscious bias may be influencing decisions made by people in power, who are, you guessed it, often white.

“White folks will tell me time and time again that Affirmative Action is ‘unfair,’” writes Jamie Utt, a diversity and inclusion consultant and sexual violence prevention educator, “because it discriminates against White people. What the term ‘fair’ assumes here, though, is that we live in a society where there’s an equal playing field for all students, regardless of race or wealth.” Addressing these injustices is intended to give people of color more opportunities, and to ensure that future generations won’t face the same imbalances current generations do.

4) Having spaces set aside for people of color is not racist.

Whites are often resentful of clubs, organizations, and groups focused on people of a specific race, with membership closed to people who are not members of that racial community. The claim goes that such groups segregate and discriminate; after all, if members of those minorities cared so much about racism, they’d open their membership to all, right?

Josh Odam writes in the Daily Collegian, “One of my favorite examples of such a mentality is this: It’s unfair that Black students have a Black Student Union when white students do not. To put it simply, the University of Massachusetts is a White Student Union.”

But it’s about more than that. It’s not just that every public space is open to white people, but that white people have an expectation that every private space should be open to them, too. Some conversations and community events need to take place behind closed doors. People of color may need to have sensitive conversations about discrimination, racism, and their lived experiences that are difficult to have when they are surrounded by white observers or people who talk over them. Such spaces provide a medium for doing so, just as members of the LGBTQ community use retreat spaces, and women join women-only organizations and groups for mutual support.

5) White people are not oppressed.

The history of the oppression of people of color by the West, and, by extension, white people, spans centuries. Africans were enslaved and brought to the New World, where European colonialists stole land from Indigenous people. Colonies across the Global South brought untold wealth into the coffers of Europe, with the low, low cost of suffering for native populations. 

Today, we’re still living with the legacies of colonialism: In the United States, the Black community is dealing with the aftermath of slavery and the poverty and systemic prejudice it left behind. In many African nations, the collapse of former colonies left governments in shambles and unable to support themselves. In Australia, indigenous people struggle with a high poverty rate and low access to health care.

White people, in contrast with people of color, do not experience systemic discrimination that makes it difficult to find and hold jobs, access housing, get health care, receive a fair treatment in the justice system, and more. When it comes to social disparities, they’re the ones consuming and receiving the bulk of the resources; in just one example, Black women in the U.S. are more likely to die from breast cancer due to delayed diagnosis. That’s the result of racism within the medical system

Despite the belief stated by some White people that they are more oppressed than people of color, their claims don’t bear out when looking at social metrics like statistical representation in the justice system, poverty, educational achievement, and unemployment rates.

6) Prejudice and racism are not the same thing.

Some people of color may view Whites prejudicially; no wonder, given the interactions of racism in society. Anyone can believe in stereotypes or hold ideas about members of other groups that are not entirely accurate. 

However, being, and behaving, prejudicially isn’t the same thing as racism, especially when such prejudice punches up, not down. As Justin Simien of Dear White People puts it, “Prejudice and racism are different. A joke about White people dancing has no impact on the lives of average White people, whereas jokes about black people and reinforcing stereotypes about Black people do have an impact on the lives of everyday Black people.”

7) Hard truths aren’t racist—they’re just hard to hear.

Making a racist statement is a manifestation of racist culture; being “mean” isn’t. For whites, it can be difficult to be confronted with the reality of racism, and with comments from people of color about how privilege and power operate. It’s tempting to take such comments personally and to insist that people of color are being “mean,” which is often a hop, skip, and a jump away from an accusation of reverse racism.

In this case, the goal is often to invalidate the points made. If someone is being racist, surely her comments can be dismissed instead of taken seriously. Thus, a white person uncomfortable with a racialized conversation may claim that it’s reverse racist in order to escape the conversation, or escape her own role in racist power dynamics.

On the Internet, where such conversations fly by at lightning speed and often get heated, accusations of reverse racism often come in hot and heavy. It’s worth taking a moment to back up and hit those commenters with a healthy dose of truth serum.

By S. E. Smith–

The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.