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The Reason Was and Is Slavery!

Dr. James Loewen Sets the Record Straight About the Reason For Fighting The Civil War…Again!

This is an outstanding article and a great read.
This is also a smackdown —my words—by Dr. Loewen on the whole issue about so-called Civil War/Southern heritage and the reason for fighting the war. He challenges the many historians and authors collectively and the senior editor of a major textbook publishing company individually who have spoon fed US a mouth full of historical baby food. He also takes the overall textbook industry to task. What is at stake unfortunately is educating generations+ of young students with inferior, inaccurate, and even racist information. Over and over Loewen documents—as he has done in his books—that THE REASON FOR FIGHTING THE CIVIL WAR WAS SLAVERY. It really begs the issue for a country to say the reason for fighting a war about slavery was not slavery so they do not have to apologize for slavery. Losers in all of this are students who should be taught a truthful and accurate American History. They have not been taught and are not being taught; which is another reason why WE have an obligation to know the REAL TRUTH AND KNOW BLACK HISTORY.

The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

Here’s the Perfect Explanation for Why White People Need to Stop Saying #AllLivesMatter

Image Credit: AP

Jamilah King's avatar image Jamilah King

(This is a great post by Jamilah King who is a senior staff writer at Mic, where she focuses on race, gender and sexuality. I am re-posting her article in its entirety. Great Read.)

Over the weekend, democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley was booed off stage at Netroots Nation after crowds of protestors demanded to know what he would do to help stem systemic racism if he were elected. O'Malley answered, in part: "Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter."

Wrong answer, dude.

O'Malley fell into an all too familiar trap, telling a group of black activists who were demanding accountability on issues of racism that, actually, "all lives matter."

But why, exactly, is that phrase so problematic? On Reddit, user GeekAesthete broke it down with a perfect analogy:

Imagine that you're sitting down to dinner with your family, and while everyone else gets a serving of the meal, you don't get any. So you say, "I should get my fair share." And as a direct response to this, your dad corrects you, saying, "Everyone should get their fair share." Now, that's a wonderful sentiment — Indeed, everyone should, and that was kinda your point in the first place: that you should be a part of everyone, and you should get your fair share also. However, dad's smart-ass comment just dismissed you and didn't solve the problem that you still haven't gotten any!

The user continues:

The problem is that the statement "I should get my fair share" had an implicit "too" at the end: "I should get my fair share, too, just like everyone else." But your dad's response treated your statement as though you meant "only I should get my fair share," which clearly was not your intention. As a result, his statement that "everyone should get their fair share," while true, only served to ignore the problem you were trying to point out.

Then, the kicker:

Just like asking dad for your fair share, the phrase "black lives matter" also has an implicit "too" at the end: It's saying that black lives should also matter. But responding to this by saying "all lives matter" is willfully going back to ignoring the problem. It's a way of dismissing the statement by falsely suggesting that it means "only black lives matter," when that is obviously not the case. And so saying "all lives matter" as a direct response to "black lives matter" is essentially saying that we should just go back to ignoring the problem.

The response on Reddit was pretty powerful, as several other users wrote that they now finally understood an issue that has raged in the media and among the populace alike:



It's been hard for some to grasp the significance of saying that "black lives matter." Some, like O'Malley, later realize their errors and apologize. (He later said that he "did not mean to be insensitive in any way or communicate that I did not understand the tremendous passion, commitment and feeling and depth of feeling that all of us should be attaching to this issue.") But the confusion keeps coming up, again and again.

In the words of Alicia Garza, a #BlackLivesMatter co-founder, who made the distinction late last year in a post on the Feminist Wire: "When we deploy 'all lives matter' as to correct an intervention specifically created to address anti-blackness, we lose the ways in which the state apparatus has built a program of genocide and repression mostly on the backs of black people."

The Struggle Continues.  RLHSR.

You Thought Racism Had Disappeared?

Neo-Nazis and white supremacists rally outside South Carolina state capital - screencap


RACISM has finally surfaced to the level Blacks always knew was there and Whites acted was not there. That "underbelly of racism" has been there for some time. When you are Black and you live in constant racist insults and the sheer hatred based on skin color you know racism no matter how much it is denied by America and the woefully inadequate media. RACISM IS BRUTALLY REAL. Some Whites in this country like to ignore Racism and then pretend the Father of Racism, the American Holocaust called Slavery did not happen. Those Whites who do admit Slavery happened defend it by saying it was beneficial to the Africans they kidnapped from Africa to work for them for free therefore developing and allowing them to maintain a lifestyle they quickly enjoyed and became accustomed. Additionally these same White Pro Slavery Christians went to WAR to maintain that lifestyle which kept a race of people in chains just to to do their bidding and of course make them rich at the same time.

The American Institution of Racism came out of Slavery. Jim Crow Laws…de facto and de jure Segregation…The Nadir of Race relations…and the cowardly Ku Klux Klan and other cowardly "night rider" groups were all created to keep "the Niggers" in their place. Whites have enjoyed White Privilege and White Supremacy for so long and have directed how Blacks should think, that they do not now understand that if America is to survive THEY have to deal with the Racism THEY CREATED. If the conversation makes Whites and some Blacks uncomfortable—GOOD! We have ignored this 800 lb gorilla called Racism long enough. To the extent that America has sold a bill of goods to younger Black and Whites that America is somehow in a post-racial period. That is perpetuated by those who feel holding hands and singing Kumbayah …having superficial and meaningless conversation about race…lying about American history and teaching those LIES in the classroom…and sitting in integrated settings—remember Jacksonville's racial study groups?—will somehow change the landscape. It hasn't and it won't. Neither will Handkerchief Head Niggers who Whites always trot out to say how things are getting better. They aren't. A few "crumbs off the table" are no longer good enough. Racism will not go quietly…but it will GO!

Equality for all means just that…Equality for all. The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.


These are the words of Eric Wattree. A great writer and a friend.

"I absolutely LOVE being Black – and I'm not just saying that because it's expected of me. While I have the ultimate respect for the unique character of every race and ethnicity, if I'm reincarnated a thousand times, I want to come back Black each and every one of them.

Being Black in America gives one an education and perspective on life that you can't get anywhere else. That's not widely recognized, because public attention is often focused on the most dysfunctional in the Black community. But contrary to popular belief, that might not be an altogether bad thing, because it allows the excellence within the Black community time to incubate, untainted by the public eye. That's what allowed Barack Obama to explode upon the world stage as a fully developed powerhouse, and there are hordes of others just like him who are currently incubating in Black cocoons in suburbs and inner cities all over America.Another thing that's not widely recognized is that the “soul” that Black people are known for extends far beyond music. What's commonly referred to as "soul" is actually creativity, and as any cognitive scientist will attest, creativity is a primary indicator of advanced intelligence. 

Since Black people are some of the most musically inclined people in the world, the ramifications of this newly discovered scientific information is not only astounding, but it also serves to validate what many of us in the Black community already knew. While it takes utter stupidity to suggest that one group of people are intellectually superior to another (it's like trying to suggest that a Black Cocker Spaniel is innately superior to a White one), it's been a long accepted scientific concept that adversity triggers evolution, so it is far from outrageous to suggest that after over four hundred years of being subjected to the very worst kind of adversity, that adversity has served to make Black people more, rather than less.

While many White people don't realize it, every day of a Black person's life they're forced to deal with some sort of bigotry, either blatantly overt, or subtle and covert.  It's generally the latter. That's why many White think that Black people are being overly sensitive when we complain of racism.  But, by just going through life having to routinely outwit bigots on a daily basis constitutes a constant workout of our intellectual abilities.  Many Black people don't even recognize this.  As a result, many take the growing power of their intellectual potential for granted.  They don't recognize their growing intellectual power. They simply think racists are dumb, so they often squander their intellectual potential.

That's why Black people simply laugh to themselves when White conservatives assert that the only reason Black people support the Democratic Party in such large numbers is due to handouts, when the actual fact is, unlike poor and middle class White conservatives, Black people support the Democratic Party because they're not stupid enough to support a party that's out to cut their throats. Another fact that White conservatives should consider is the only reason that America is in the dire economic condition that it's in is due to their decision to vote for George W. Bush in the 2000 and 2004 elections.  In addition, the only reason they're not currently in the grips of a second Great Depression is due to one Black man – Barack Hussein Obama, who they hate so passionately. Thus, if they had followed the lead of the "intellectually challenged" Black population, they wouldn't be in the shape they're in today.      

Charles Darwin would call what's referred to as Black "soul" as a unique adaptation to adversity, and the most insightful within the Black community recognize it as being much like a sixth sense that reaches the very depths of human understanding. When fully developed, it provides Black people with a unique grasp, empathy, and insight into the human experience. That's why Black people are so effective in conveying human emotion through music and the arts – so effective, in fact, that "soul" has been confused with emotion itself.

So Black people don't just live life, we experience it. We experience life in the exact same way that we experience music. As a result, we actually feel our environment, with the exact same passion that we feel a lonely bass struttin' through the back alleys of a slow and funky blues. That accounts for our swagger, but our "soul" also accounts for making us far more than swagger alone – a point we must get across to the more frivolous within our community.

So yes, I'm Black, and I'm very, very proud.  I'm proud of who I am, and I also take great pride in my history – and that even includes slavery – because adversity constitutes knowledge, and that knowledge is what made me, me."

The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

Racism? YES!!

Tennis’s Top Women Balance Body Image With Ambition

 Let me remind you of a few of your words:

"Williams, who will be vying for the Wimbledon title against Garbiñe Muguruza on Saturday, has large biceps and a mold-breaking muscular frame, which packs the power and athleticism that have dominated women’s tennis for years. Her rivals could try to emulate her physique, but most of them choose not to."

How interesting that a female brain and female athletic guile have nothing to do with winning on the athletic field of endeavor. To you it is all brawn.  How did you say it? Oh yeah… “large biceps and a mold-breaking muscular frame.”

White males really do not understand their own racism as your writing in The Times clearly attest. Of course, I can also add White privilege and the ridiculous point in your article about White femininity and symbolic imagery. And as someone said, “If you think it's JUST about looks you're missing the racism of the article.” Since White Males —European and American—were responsible for Slavery, they certainly do not want to acknowledge the Black Female body unless they are talking about her as a SEX OBJECT and correspondingly spending time with her—or wanting to anyway—in bed.

Let's face it, this conversation ONLY occurs because Serena is THE dominant player in a sport dominated by White Males and White Females. The fact SHE IS A BLACK SUPERSTAR in an arena where Blacks are usually not welcome makes her as criticized as THE BLACK PRESIDENT. Total Domination …and …Tennis is not a major sport in the Black Community. Many Whites talk about equality but they really cannot stand to acknowledge the excellence of anyone BLACK on their ever eroding TURF. Of course, you cannot see this as your article clearly shows.

I do not take your comments as a starting point or a forum for additional conversations on race.  It is obvious you did not either. You are not a person I would choose to talk to about race.  No teachable moment with you.  Unfortunately as a reporter, you simply do not understand, and ignorance is no excuse for racism or a lack of understanding about racism. Your comments to me simply confirm what most think about newspaper writers today and that is they have a lack of integrity. There are also those who feel newspapers no longer serve a usefulness and that their reporters write to  appeal to the supporters of the unfurled “rag” some red meat-eaters call the Star and Bars.

And dare I say “Racism” in the newsroom and the sports room and because White reporters simply do not understand? Well…let me say it…Ben Rothenberg, you simply do not understand!

Go out and have another good day!

The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

I Racist


What follows is the text of a “sermon” given by John Metta as a “congregational reflection” to an all White audience at the Bethel Congregational United Church of Christ on Sunday, June 28th. 

A couple weeks ago, I was debating what I was going to talk about in this sermon. I told Pastor Kelly Ryan I had great reservations talking about the one topic that I think about every single day.

Then, a terrorist massacred nine innocent people in a church that I went to, in a city that I still think of as home. At that point, I knew that despite any misgivings, I needed to talk about race.

You see, I don’t talk about race with White people. To illustrate why, I’ll tell a story:

It was probably about 15 years ago when a conversation took place between my aunt, who is White and lives in New York State, and my sister, who is Black and lives in North Carolina. This conversation can be distilled to a single sentence, said by my Black sister:

“The only difference between people in The North and people in The South is that down here, at least people are honest about being racist.”

There was a lot more to that conversation, obviously, but I suggest that it can be distilled into that one sentence because it has been, by my White aunt. Over a decade later, this sentence is still what she talks about. It has become the single most important aspect of my aunt’s relationship with my Black family. She is still hurt by the suggestion that people in New York, that she, a northerner, a liberal, a good person who has Black family members, is a racist.

This perfectly illustrates why I don’t talk about race with White people. Even– or rather, especially– my own family.

I love my aunt. She’s actually my favorite aunt, and believe me, I have a lot of awesome aunts to choose from. But the facts are actually quite in my sister’s favor on this one.

New York State is one of the most segregated states in the country. Buffalo, New York where my aunt lives is one of the 10 most segregated school systems in the country. The racial inequality of the area she inhabits is so bad that it has been the subject of reports by the Civil Rights Action Network and the NAACP.

Those, however, are facts that my aunt does not need to know. She does not need to live with the racial segregation and oppression of her home. As a white person with upward mobility, she has continued to improve her situation. She moved out of the area I grew up in– she moved to an area with better schools. She doesn’t have to experience racism, and so it is not real to her.

Nor does it dawn on her that the very fact that she moved away from an increasingly Black neighborhood to live in a White suburb might itself be a aspect of racism. She doesn’t need to realize that “better schools” exclusively means “whiter schools.”

I don’t talk about race with White people because I have so often seen it go nowhere. When I was younger, I thought it was because all white people are racist. Recently, I’ve begun to understand that it’s more nuanced than that.

To understand, you have to know that Black people think in terms of Black people. We don’t see a shooting of an innocent Black child in another state as something separate from us because we know viscerally that it could be our child, our parent, or us, that is shot.

The shooting of Walter Scott in North Charleston resonated with me because Walter Scott was portrayed in the media as a deadbeat and a criminal– but when you look at the facts about the actual man, he was nearly indistinguishable from my own father.

Racism affects us directly because the fact that it happened at a geographically remote location or to another Black person is only a coincidence, an accident. It could just as easily happen to us- right here, right now.

Black people think in terms of we because we live in a society where the social and political structures interact with us as Black people.

White people do not think in terms of we. White people have the privilege to interact with the social and political structures of our society as individuals. You are “you,” I am “one of them.” Whites are often not directly affected by racial oppression even in their own community, so what does not affect them locally has little chance of affecting them regionally or nationally. They have no need, nor often any real desire, to think in terms of a group. They are supported by the system, and so are mostly unaffected by it.

What they are affected by are attacks on their own character. To my aunt, the suggestion that “people in The North are racist” is an attack on her as a racist. She is unable to differentiate her participation within a racist system (upwardly mobile, not racially profiled, able to move to White suburbs, etc.) from an accusation that she, individually, is a racist. Without being able to make that differentiation, White people in general decide to vigorously defend their own personal non-racism, or point out that it doesn’t exist because they don’t see it.

The result of this is an incessantly repeating argument where a Black person says “Racism still exists. It is real,” and a white person argues “You’re wrong, I’m not racist at all. I don’t even see any racism.” My aunt’s immediate response is not “that is wrong, we should do better.” No, her response is self-protection: “That’s not my fault, I didn’t do anything. You are wrong.”

Racism is not slavery. As President Obama said, it’s not avoiding the use of the word Nigger. Racism is not white water fountains and the back of the bus. Martin Luther King did not end racism. Racism is a cop severing the spine of an innocent man. It is a 12 year old child being shot for playing with a toy gun in a state where it is legal to openly carry firearms.

But racism is even more subtle than that. It’s more nuanced. Racism is the fact that “White” means “normal” and that anything else is different. Racism is our acceptance of an all white Lord of the Rings cast because of “historical accuracy,” ignoring the fact that this is a world with an entirely fictionalized history.

Even when we make shit up, we want it to be white.

And racism is the fact that we all accept that it is white. Benedict Cumberbatch playing Khan in Star Trek. Khan, who is from India. Is there anyone Whiter than Benedict fucking Cumberbatch? What? They needed a “less racial” cast because they already had the Black Uhura character?

That is racism. Once you let yourself see it, it’s there all the time.

Black children learn this when their parents give them “The Talk.” When they are sat down at the age of 5 or so and told that their best friend’s father is not sick, and not in a bad mood– he just doesn’t want his son playing with you. Black children grow up early to life in The Matrix. We’re not given a choice of the red or blue pill. Most white people, like my aunt, never have to choose. The system was made for White people, so White people don’t have to think about living in it.

But we can’t point this out.

Living every single day with institutionalized racism and then having to argue its very existence, is tiring, and saddening, and angering. Yet if we express any emotion while talking about it, we’re tone policed, told we’re being angry. In fact, a key element in any racial argument in America is the Angry Black person, and racial discussions shut down when that person speaks. The Angry Black person invalidates any arguments about racism because they are “just being overly sensitive,” or “too emotional,” or– playing the race card. Or even worse, we’re told that we are being racist (Does any intelligent person actually believe a systematically oppressed demographic has the ability to oppress those in power?)

But here is the irony, here’s the thing that all the angry Black people know, and no calmly debating White people want to admit: The entire discussion of race in America centers around the protection of White feelings.

Ask any Black person and they’ll tell you the same thing. The reality of thousands of innocent people raped, shot, imprisoned, and systematically disenfranchised are less important than the suggestion that a single White person might be complicit in a racist system.

This is the country we live in. Millions of Black lives are valued less than a single White person’s hurt feelings.

White people and Black people are not having a discussion about race. Black people, thinking as a group, are talking about living in a racist system. White people, thinking as individuals, refuse to talk about “I, racist” and instead protect their own individual and personal goodness. In doing so, they reject the existence of racism.

But arguing about personal non-racism is missing the point.

Despite what the Charleston Massacre makes things look like, people are dying not because individuals are racist, but because individuals are helping support a racist system by wanting to protect their own non-racist self beliefs.

People are dying because we are supporting a racist system that justifies White people killing Black people.

We see this in the way that one Muslim killer is a sign of Islamic terror; in the way one Mexican thief is a pointer to the importance of border security; in one innocent, unarmed Black man is shot in the back by a cop, then sullied in the media as a thug and criminal.

And in the way a white racist in a state that still flies the confederate flag is seen as “troubling” and “unnerving.” In the way people “can’t understand why he would do such a thing.”

A white person smoking pot is a “Hippie” and a Black person doing it is a “criminal.” It’s evident in the school to prison pipeline and the fact that there are close to 20 people of color in prison for every white person.

There’s a headline from The Independent that sums this up quite nicely: “Charleston shooting: Black and Muslim killers are ‘terrorists’ and ‘thugs’. Why are white shooters called ‘mentally ill’?”

I’m gonna read that again: “Black and Muslim killers are ‘terrorists’ and ‘thugs’. Why are white shooters called ‘mentally ill’?”

Did you catch that? It’s beautifully subtle. This is an article talking specifically about the different way we treat people of color in this nation and even in this article’s headline, the white people are “shooters” and the Black and Muslim people are “killers.”

Even when we’re talking about racism, we’re using racist language to make people of color look dangerous and make White people come out as not so bad.

Just let that sink in for a minute, then ask yourself why Black people are angry when they talk about race.

The reality of America is that White people are fundamentally good, and so when a white person commits a crime, it is a sign that they, as an individual, are bad. Their actions as a person are not indicative of any broader social construct. Even the fact that America has a growing number of violent hate groups, populated mostly by white men, and that nearly *all* serial killers are white men can not shadow the fundamental truth of white male goodness. In fact, we like White serial killers so much, we make mini-series about them.

White people are good as a whole, and only act badly as individuals.

People of color, especially Black people (but boy we can talk about “The Mexicans” in this community) are seen as fundamentally bad. There might be a good one– and we are always quick to point them out to our friends, show them off as our Academy Award for “Best Non-Racist in a White Role”– but when we see a bad one, it’s just proof that the rest are, as a rule, bad.

This, all of this, expectation, treatment, thought, the underlying social system that puts White in the position of Normal and good, and Black in the position of “other” and “bad,” all of this, is racism.

And White people, every single one of you, are complicit in this racism because you benefit directly from it.

This is why I don’t like the story of the good samaritan. Everyone likes to think of themselves as the person who sees someone beaten and bloodied and helps him out.

That’s too easy.

If I could re-write that story, I’d rewrite it from the perspective of Black America. What if the person wasn’t beaten and bloody? What if it wasn’t so obvious? What if they were just systematically challenged in a thousand small ways that actually made it easier for you to succeed in life?

Would you be so quick to help then, or would you, like most White people, stay silent and let it happen.

Here’s what I want to say to you: Racism is so deeply embedded in this country not because of the racist right-wing radicals who practice it openly, it exists because of the silence and hurt feelings of liberal America.

That’s what I want to say, but really, I can’t. I can’t say that because I’ve spent my life not talking about race to White people. In a big way, it’s my fault. Racism exists because I, as a Black person, don’t challenge you to look at it.

Racism exists because I, not you, am silent.

But I’m caught in the perfect Catch 22, because when I start pointing out racism, I become the Angry Black Person, and the discussion shuts down again. So I’m stuck.

All the Black voices in the world speaking about racism all the time do not move White people to think about it– but one White John Stewart talking about Charleston has a whole lot of White people talking about it. That’s the world we live in. Black people can’t change it while White people are silent and deaf to our words.

White people are in a position of power in this country because of racism. The question is: Are they brave enough to use that power to speak against the system that gave it to them?

So I’m asking you to help me. Notice this. Speak up. Don’t let it slide. Don’t stand watching in silence. Help build a world where it never gets to the point where the Samaritan has to see someone bloodied and broken.

As for me, I will no longer be silent. I’m going to try to speak kindly, and softly, but that’s gonna be hard. Because it’s getting harder and harder for me to think about the protection of White people’s feelings when White people don’t seem to care at all about the loss of so many Black lives.

Additional Commentary Not Necessary.  The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

Secede South Carolina…and LOSE Again!

Ahhh South Carolina. You must read these comments.

South Carolina lawmakers voted early Thursday morning to take down the Confederate flag, and Gov. Nikki Haley heard from hundreds of angry racists.

The Republican governor announced the vote on her Facebook page and thanked lawmakers for serving the state with “great dignity.”

However, many of her former supporters strongly disagreed.

“I’ve never been so ashamed of my State as I am right now,” Cody Burr said.

“Sad day in south Carolina because of you nikki haley. S.m.h. very disrespectful,” posted Jessica Hodge Summerlin on the governor’s Facebook page.

“I don’t understand how such a republican governor can take away one of the important things for our state. Why? Because it offends people?” said Caitlyn Ainsley Foulker. “Well, a lot offends me, but I don’t see you banning that too. What about what the rest of most of this state wants?”

“Dear Governor, if you really represent a unified South Carolina and are only here to serve her people how come no one in Columbia felt that this important and deep rooted issue was appropriate to be handled in referendum by the people who gave you your job?” Travis Crenshaw said.

“I would not vote for you again. Ever,” Randy Smith. “Would you have so much ‘courage’ if you were in your first term? You’ve done more to divide SC than any single person in our history. To think i wasted my votes on you for SC House, and Governor, twice.”

“Cowardice in the South Carolina Governors office and thy name is Nikki Haley,” Jim Madsen said.

“Speak for your self, I don’t think you care about South Carolina, you are picking and choosing, must be going for a Senate seat, I screwed up and voted for you, but not again,” Becky Griffith Leapard said. “You are good at one think and that’s disrespecting Our Confedrate Veterans. Sad day in South Carolina, you are reminding me of Obama, ruining as much as you can while you are in office!!!”

“You heal by executing Justice on the perp, not stripping law abiding citizens off their rights,” said Leslie Hicks Bennet. “You have set the precedent in your state, but it is very unlikely you have heard the last from your constituents.”

“Nikki Haley, you have let a lot of the people in South Carolina down,” said Patsy Turner Welborn. “We voted for you, because we felt you would represent our State proudly. The flag did not kill anyone. It is part of the South’s Heritage. So if you do away with the flag then I can think of a lot of other things that need to be done away with.”

“I am disappointed in you governor I will be so glad when your term ends,” said Nathaniel Nat Brown. “You are not the greatest governor I thought you were.”

“I’m not proud of South Carolina,” said Kim Vaughn Myers. “Tell me how removing the flag is going to bring ‘us’ closer together and help heal anything… From what I’ve seen, it’s tearing ‘us’ apart…”

“I’m afraid you have separated more than you have brought together that flag had no problem in the month of May but Obama called to take it down and our state leaders crumbled like a house of cards!” said Allen Brandon. “This tragedy had nothing to do with the flag but it was one young man that is mentally ill and full of hate! That massacre had nothing to do with the flag or the Second Amendment. This sick young man would have done what he did with out either!”

“It is a crying shame that our state has come to this point,” said Jeffrey Steele. “This will not bring the state together. If anything, it will divide us even further. I am so ashamed of our House and Senate tonight because they caved on this issue. Removing this flag will not stop racism. Many politicians have lost my vote today because of their decision on this issue. Not only did they vote to remove part of our history, they also used a tragic event in Charleston, SC to push an agenda that they otherwise couldn’t get support for.”

“You are a politically correct brown noser, bowing to the ingrates, ignorant, and uneducated!” said Barbara Mitchell. “Hard to believe you are even a governor, and still be so ignorant of true history! My Battle flag will continue to fly!”

“I must say it’s a SAD day in what used to be the best state in the best country!” said Joe New II. “I was a huge backer of Mrs. Hailey until now. Ignorance of history has blinded so many that the truth has been lost! I’ve always voted republican and was a major backer of gov. Hailey. Just wish I knew then what I know now! Once again the minority has ruled over the majority with out giving us any say so. When will we be heard? This is a travesty! Most of my family fought and died for that flag and you show them no respect by your actions! Shame on you! This is far from over. We have rolled over and have been kicked to the curve too many times. I hope you can rest well knowing you have disgraced the memory and life’s of the 620,000 who died fighting under that flag and fighting for a deep rooted southern value system that truly had nothing to do with hate, slavery, nor the church shooting. The s$#t pot has been stirred now let’s see who has to lick the spoon!

Maybe Just Maybe, South Carolina will declare war…fire on another United States military installation …and Secede. It would solve a lot of problems. And the South WILL lose again!

The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.


I was TV channel surfing this morning because Melissa Harris-Perry's show was not on. But no matter how you might try, you cannot watch these Sunday morning talk shows. Even on MSNBC this morning the host was an absolutely joke and the "expert panelists" were even worse. In their quest I guess to appear "fair and balanced" —heard that before–they dredged up a former Bush-Cheney Liar who offered only republicant talking points —of course—about Republicant candidates for President. The additional panelists offered nothing. Like a nod nod and a wink wink. And they were initially talking about Donald Trump. The conversation evolved literally from the sublime to the more sublime.

Chuck "Doofus" Todd this morning on Meet The Press interviewed Ted "I can Lie as often as I want " Cruz. You could not stomach more than a few minutes of Chuck Todd's softball questions and his allowing Ted Cruz to say anything he wanted to say. Of course Chuck Todd has famously said it is not his responsibility to call out Republicants when they Lie. He said it is the Democrat's responsibility to correct them, not him. His job is to just sit there as a nonplussed disinterested traffic cop of sorts. He does not even do a good job of that; so joining the police force is not an option for his career change. Or Maybe It Does!
Class "C" network entertainment shows masquerading as Class "D" news talk shows. Watch at your Peril!!

The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

Conscientious Stupidity!!

Conscientiously Stupid CNN Showcase House Nigger Don Lemon showed again last night why he is as ignorant as he is uninformed. It wasn't enough for him to agree with a White Op-ed columnist for the New York Times —who thinks he is an expert on race —that President Obama should apologize for slavery, but that he should do it because it would have redemptive value. When asked to comment, Sirius Talk Show Host Joe Madison laid the both of them out with on point two words, "Hell NO!" Joe added, “This is absolutely the most absurd thing that I have ever heard. And let me say this: it’s not gonna happen.”

Don Lemon is a total embarrassment as a host of anything and this writer for the New York Times is an example why most newspapers and their reporters have already gone to Hell In A Hand Basket. Save me from another White Expert on what is best for Blacks.

The Insidiousness of asking a Black President to apologize for what Whites did to people who look like him really boggles the mind. But once again Whites want absolution for THEIR SINS by asking Blacks to forgive them. Forgive them for killing us with guns. Forgive them for killing us with bombs. Forgive them for killing us with fire. Forgive them for beating us to death. Forgive them for lynching us. Just Forgive Forgive Forgive. SORRY. We cannot forgive you for YOUR sins. Since you profess to be Christians, get on your knees and ask God to Forgive you for Creating Slavery…For Creating the Nadir Of Race Relations…For Creating Jim Crow laws…for Creating Racism…And for Creating the American Institution or Racism. Then tell God you need to start working on reparations to make up for the wealth you stole from millions of enslaved persons. When you do that…we can start talking. Until then—SHUT THE HELL UP.

The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.

Racists Blame Blacks For Their Racism

Once again a Racist Blames President Obama for the Charleston Killings

Image of Larry Klayman via official Freedom Watch bio

We know Racists are ignorant and stupid, and they are also dangerous. Larry Klayman, this ignorant stupid and dangerous lawyer has made a living on being ignorant stupid and dangerous. And of course, he blames President Obama for the shooting in South Carolina. He accused Obama and other prominent Blacks of creating an “atmosphere of anger” that provoked racist attacks against Black victims. It is OUR fault for Whites perpetrating deadly violence on US. Always blame the Black Victims.

Once again, Racists will blame Blacks and especially President Obama for their being racists. Today's racists are simply an extension of a long line of racists that date back to slavery. Slavery was not born of racism; rather, racism was the consequence of slavery. Blacks cannot eliminate racism. We did not start racism. We cannot end racism. Whites started racism. Whites own Racism. What Whites need to deal with is how long will they allow racism to permeate the very fiber of America.


The Struggle Continues. RLHSR.